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Help With Diet

Okay…so this is the deal…I started doing John Berardi’s No-Nonsense Nutrition diet (if thats what you wanna call it) for those who dont know exactly what it is…basically morning you have egg whites with cheese and spinach, green tea, the rest of the day about 5 times u have chicken spinach , other veggies, and fruit for five meals approx 2hrs appart…and i lost about 15lbs. Then about a week ago, I took a week off and ate all the things I didnt during those two months…well…in a week’s time Im back to the weight that i started and it sux…anyone know why this happen? Its so furstrating that I wanna just eat whatever now and totally forget abuot working out,it seems like all this hard work means nothing if it can go down the drain in one measly week. and I mean long before this one-carb-filled week…any oppinions?

Well the problem is you went right back to what you did before. You started this diet due to not liking how you looked or whatever from your old plan/nutrition. Then after losing 15lbs go right back to the habits that brought the physique you didnt like,. You have to expect that it will create the same results it did before.

It’s a lifestlye chenge not simply a few weeks. You have to be in it for the long haul. Find a plan you can live with.

Sure throw a cheat in every now and then but a meal or a day not a week.

Hope that helps,

15 lbs in a week? That is a lot - either you ate a ton or you have a terrible metabolism. I am not trying to be mean, but that’s too bad. Props for doing the Berardi diet for 2 months. My question is what happened? Losing 15 lbs over 8 weeks is perfect (about 2lbs per week). Try it again, and my advice would be to cheat on 1 meal a week, instead of 1 week every two months. Berardi talks a lot about 10% foods. His ideas stem from a 90/10 rule, saying that if you follow his plan 90% of the time, than you can get away with going off the plan 10%. In other words, doind his plan 100% will produce pretty much the same results as following it 90%. Furthermore, dude writes that eating these 10% foods (whether it’s beer, pizza, wings, chocolate, etc) actually has physiological benefits, with #1 being the binging part. eating these foods occasionally will prevent a week long break down. I suggest you read further on his thoughts and enjoy a peice of cake or so every once and a while, not for a week straight. Good luck and congratulations once again on staying with the diet for 2 months.