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Help with Diet, Please


Okay, i have been on a diet for about 6 weeks now with pretty good results, prob about 4 % bf lost, but these past two weeks i haven't changed one bit. Plz help me make some changes in my diet.

Meal 1
40 g protein shake, packet of oatmeal

Meal 2
40 g Protein shake, 2 slices of wheat bread

Meal 3
5 egg whites, 1 whole egg, all scrambled together, grapes or a banana

Meal 4 (post workout)
40 g protein shake w/ 5 g creatine

Meal 5
5 oz chicken, green beans

Meal 6
Protein source, mixed nuts

Meal 7
40 g protein shake, mixed nuts

-If im at all hungry during the day i may snack on a banana or apple. I take fish oil caps, ala, and multivitamins daily. As for cardio, i usually do 20 mins postworkout, and 35 later at night on an empty stomach. Any suggestions?


give me some goals that you wanna achieve, and better stats on your body comp. just telling me you lost 4% BF doesnt help.


Sorry about that, i am 5'8, 190 and about 12% right now, i want to get down to 8% atleast.


I instantly notice the LACK of veggies, and most likely fats depending on how many nuts your are getting.

That and a general lack of real food. Protein seems great maybe even excessive. 160g just from powder sources then you have the chicken, eggs, and "protein source"

How many k/cals are you taking in on average now??? How many fats, carbs pro..

I would lend to say ading veggies and more quality fast would do you some good. That is just guessing however without any real knowledge of what you are taking all ready.

Oh and drink a ton of water.

Hope that helps,


OK few more

Meal #1 drop the packed crap meal for REAL oats.

Meal 2 drop the bread for a bertter carbv sourc something that actually will give bacjk to you. Veggies or fruit.

Meal 3 better carb choice. Both the banana and grapes are going to be fairly high GI/II and will bet gone In no time. You need some sustained energy with oats or more fiberous fruit,veggies. Apple squash etc..

PWO CARBS my man. Surge for instance. You need to optimize your gym time. Get the best you can. You will do more toward yopur goal by raising and mauinting gym performance and adding in some food then you will by cutting nutrition and losing some intensity in the gym

OK thats all I got for now,

Good luck



Good post. I agree with the more fruits and veggies. And more real food in general. Variety is the spice of life! In general (ie. not with extreme diet like v-diet or other) protein shakes should be a supplement, not a staple.


Thanks a lot guys, this has really helped me out a ton, what would u guys suggest for cardio?



Moving your bodyweight in numerous ways, at varied intensity, and varied times. LOL

Really that simple, do something. I like to make it fun, soemthing I enjoy. It need to be something you will do thats it. whatever form you will do consistantly will be great for you. Be it High intensity or low and long.

Hope that helped,


Look for CT's "Running Man" article, and also High Octane Cardio.

Switch it up. Jump rope one day, sprint another day. I find that sprinting is absolutely fantastic for making the body leaner.

Re: your diet, if you are trying to lean out and what you're doing isn't working, I would drop the starchy carbs from all but your Post workout meal. That means instead of oatmeal for breakfast, it's egg whites, and instead of bread, it's spinach. If you can afford it, buy Dr. John Berardi's DVD set.


I would follow Phil's advice before RIT Jared's. Not that Jared's is bad, but maybe you're not getting enough total kcal. Replacing good CHO with vegetable = alot less calories. If you're not getting enough, your body may actually hold onto the fat rather than oxidize it. Btw how many cals you getting in per day and in what ratio helps more than just stating what you eat.