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Help with Diet Plan

Here is my diet chart for gaining lean muscle mass please tell me what do you guys think about this…!
What should i add or what should i change.
@5:30 am- Bcaa 5 gram+40 mcg clen+T3 25mcg
@6am-8am - workout at gym
@8am- 1 scoop whey protein (dymatize iso 100)
@9am- Oats(30g)+7 eggs (7 white+1yolk)+100 small almonds soaked overnight+ 1 glass milk+500mg glucosamine+5000IU vitamin D3
@12:30pm- 1 scoop whey+ 30 gram quinoa cooked
@3pm- 300 gram chicken breast + 1 spoon peanut butter
@6pm- 7 eggs white+ 1 yolk+1 spoon peanut butter
@8pm - 300 gram chicken breast
@10pm- 1 scoop casein protein+ 1 spoon peanut butter+ 1 multivitamin+1000mg vitamin E+500mg calcium

I’d drop the clen and test.

Also, this is super precise. Can you actually do this, day in day out for a long time?

Where are your fruits and vegetables?

Fruits have sugar so i avoid them… I’ll try to add vegetables tho… Yes i can follow this :slight_smile:

Have at it if that’s what you want to do.

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100 calories worth of almonds or you’re counting out 100 almonds?

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Well he not completely wrong for cutting them out. But compared to what the fast majority of individuals do when eating fruit (liquefying large quantities of them), it may be beneficial for the OP to have a handful of them here and there.

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Yeah, but fruit isn’t the same thing as fruit juice.

I believe that the fructose naturally occurring in fruit (because of course we’re talking fructose here, it’d be silly to rule fruit out because it contains “sugar” period as every carb source is fundamentally sugar) just isn’t enough to outweigh the benefits from the nutritional richness of most fruits. This, of course, is if you aren’t going ape shit with the amount of fruit you consume.

But saying that you should limit or consume a modest amount of something is very different than saying you should avoid it altogether (especially when you are taking steroids and the argument for avoiding something is “it got sugar and sugar is bad for you”).


@lucifer_vishu Is that you in your picture?

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Dude. Look at the picture, then read the OP again.


100 small almonds = 35-45 California almonds…they are literally small…

Should i add it then? But my coach always tells me not to…



You’re not gonna convince anyone you got that physique while having to ask on a forum if you should eat fruit or not…


Do i need to?..and your ass might be jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth…

Yes. Yes you do. You ask dumb questions, put up a really, really questionable diet and talk about taking clen and test.

The dude in your avatar has a pretty respectable physique, the kind usually displayed by people who have a pretty decent idea of how to train, eat and use PEDs if they choose to. In other words, not the kind of people who ask the questions you’re asking.


I wasn’t even talking about fruit juice.

Are you saying that because you’re assuming I think that, or are you saying that because you don’t think I already know that?

I’m not saying OP is completely right. The circumstances of this thread were already weird to begin with. I’m just saying in general, you don’t have to consume fruit to reach your training goals.

I made no assumptions in my post. I was replying to this statement:

Mind if I ask you what you were referring to, if not fruit juice, in your post?

IMHO the diet you provided for lean muscle mass is way off my friend. Plus without fruit, vegetables, seeds and various kinds of nuts the diet ain’t healthy. Fruit must be taken daily and in good amounts and same goes for vegetables if you want to be healthy, if you don’t want, then listen to your trainer who obviously knows nothing if he says fruits are bad. Sugar in moderation is not the evil as well, so no need to demonize it. Thus fruits are different sugar so lets not get into that discussion. Next, where are the carbs? On my last cut I’ve done 400 carbs and went into 6-7% bf with not less then 300g daily. Considering you want to grow you need more carbs, but also looking at your picture it would seem that you know all, but looking at your diet, somewhat tells a different story :slight_smile: