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Help with Diet Plan Decision


I have been a T-Nation fan now for only a week and I am on an information overload. Â I have read so many articles on carb cycling and macro nutrient cycling and rapid fat loss plans that my eyes are going to fall out.

 Currently I am at 214, and I would like to get down to 200.  I have been training for 6 months now.  I started at 250 and now I am stuck.  I want to build muscle, however, looking in the mirror and seeing the fat covering me is annoying as all hell, but of course it is a game of mind over matter.  Keep telling myself if I reduce calories, I'll lose muscle. Â

According to different calculations for my body fat, I have been put at about 14-17%. Â I am 6'1" and 23 years old. Â Would carb cycling be the way to go to reduce body fat while building muscle and doing some dog crap training, or should the velocity diet be something to consider to lose those last 15 pounds. Â Thank you in advance for the advice guys.


Carb cycling is a good approach. Its good because insulin is not always high (which helps to prevent fat gain, or even promote fat loss) and its not always low (to help preserve muscle or even build muscle).

I would recommend Mike Roussell's carb cycling for idiots. Its very simple. No need to count macros or calories. Counting such things becomes necessary when you're trying to become shredded in my opinion.

I don't think dogg crapp training is for you. Too advanced. I'd go with something else, like an upper/lower split.


I'm confused, you want to lose fat or build muscle? My advice would personally be to choose one or the other; yes people have proven that both can be done, it is possible but more than likely you're going to get stuck in a tug of war and get yourself in a routine of stagnation where your progress halts.


Really I want to lose these last 14 pounds, and want to know the best route of the ones named or some other route I have not yet researched to lose those last 14 while keeping as much muscle as possible...


My honest opinion at 14-17% bodyfat is that you really shouldn't be all that worried about losing muscle unless you drop the 14 pounds over a very short period of time. Now when I was getting into the low single digits over my last diet...muscle loss was becoming a concern of mine, but I don't believe it should be with you at your stats, with your goals. Carb cycling and macronutrient cycling are methods used successfully among many but they are used as a complimentary approach once the user has established their caloric maintenance level and determined the amount they wish to consume each day (based off diet or bulk, deficit or surplus).

So I think it would be a big mistake for you to simply cycle carbs or macros if you haven't already established the number of calories per day you should be eating to put yourself in a deficit. That should be step one.


I have been using my RMR as a baseline, which puts me at about 2100 calories, and givEn my activity level I eat around 2400 calories and workout 4 times a week and do cardio/HIIT 3 times a week. My biggest fear as always is the muscle loss, however, like you I'll just have to get past that and focus on getting into single digit percentages. I was looking to the v diet to try and help however, not a fan of the money spent. Thank you for the help though!