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Help with Diet on Test/NPP

Need advice on my diet during my 3 cycle:

Stats: 30y, 3rd cycle, 185 lbs, 5.10
Current cycle: it has been 3 weeks today. 400npp, 550 test for 12 weeks and 50mg dbol for first 4 weeks

Diet: in 3 weeks gained 6.6lbs. Started off with 2800 cal and now consuming 3200. Protein 250, carbs 360, fat 90

Breaksfast: turkey bacon and eggs with 2 slices of whole meal bread
10am: oats and protein shake with banana
12pm: chicken brown rice, broccoli
Snack: 30g almonds
3pm: ground beef, sweet potatoes and veg
During workout: 60g of cyclic dextrin
Post workout: chicken with white potatoes and veg
Before bed: protein shake peanut butter and rice crackers

My last cycle was deca and test, however I’ve put too much weight and had to go on another cut cycle straight after which was 8 weeks of tren and test. It has now been 9 months since I finished. I really want to make the most of this and gain decent muscle with little to no fat if possible. I train around 50 min 5 weeks a day with 20min cardio twice per week. Will look to add more calories in 2 weeks time. Do you think the diet looks sensible? Should I change anything?

That’s a lot of carbs my man. And that’s not very much fat. What is the basis for that macro breakdown? Because 51% carbs, especially ones that are high in sugar, is not a recipe for lean gains for most people.

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I’m not big on giving diet advice someone else can probably help. I actually have a question for you.

How did that cut cycle off test and tren work out for you? What was your dose?

Test prop eod 150mg

Tren ace eod 70mg

Mast p eod 100 eod

Nolva10mg daily

50mg anavar for 40 days

Ran this for 8 weeks it was great in terms of losing a lot of fat and strength stayed up there. Started with 3000 cal and last week was around 2200. The only downside was the side effects, night sweating, angry about nothing and wanting to punch people. Don’t think I’ll go back on it

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No basis really, I usually struggle to eat my appetite is not great hence cyclic dextrin intra workout. Could you let me know what the aplit should be and how many calls roughly? What changes would you make to this diet? Thanks

So before 11:00am you’re having bread, oats, bananas, and a huge glass of sugar disguised as protein. That’s a lot for your liver to process. That’s a lot of inflammatory food early in the day. Then you end your day with another glass of sugar water and starch. Where’s the green vegetables? Aside from the broccoli you don’t have much in the way of nutrient-dense foods. No carrots? No spinach? Most of your carbs are simple and starchy. They’ll fill you up, sort of, but they’re not adding much in the way of nutrition.

In the morning substitute another egg for one of those pieces of toast. Skip the banana in the protein shake (which you shouldn’t be using anyway, if we’re being honest), cut out the sweet potato and have more meat and some additional vegetables instead. And for the love of Pete don’t have two protein shakes a day. That’s just torture for your liver. Add an avocado into your day. Throw in a packet of tuna twice a week. It’s all doable with some planning. And look, I’m not one to lecture anyone else, because I know what I should be doing, but a lot of the time I take the easy way out too. We all struggle with diet at one time or another. But small changes here and there can really add up.

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It’s just from reading on some forums where guys said they always go high carbs as your body is much more efficient on aas etc.

thanks for your advice, I do have spinach with my eggs I just didnt add that,I also have some mixed veg with my evening meal, usually sweetcorn, peas and carrots. Again, should have mentioned it on here. So instead of sweet potatoe just have lean beef with veg? is it worth adding some flax seed oil to up the calories since I will be consuming less carbs?

What about NPP/test doses. they are not too high are they? I am assuming they defo not too low.

Also, forgot to mention on non training days I consume less calories and most of them come from fats. Things like tuna, avocado, nuts and tuna. I have now amended my diet and the macros are. 240p, 270c and 120f. What would you say is a decent gain in a week to keep fat gains at a minimum.

Tough to estimate. We’re all a little different. But if I was eating that much I’d be a balloon after about four days. For you it might be perfect. You’ll just have to fine tune as you go. Trust what your body is telling you and don’t get too worked up over a little extra fat here and there. You can always lean out a month or two after cycle. Focus on getting bigger and stronger and don’t go too nutty with any one thing. Everything else falls into place from there.

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Yeah you are right. I just want to make this cycle count. Thanks for the advice. Just out of curiosity what are your stats and what calories do you usually bulk on?

5’7” 182 18% bf (last bulk I got waaaaay fatter than I wanted) I’m currently at 2,100-2,300 cal/d. I used to be 145lbs and like 13%, but that was pre-trt. So I’ve been slowly adding size while trying not to get fat. Then last end of Summer/Fall I went a little too hard, put on some solid size, but let my bf get out of control. It was nice to eat like a teenager again, but it was also really stupid.

Macros are P/C/F 35/35/30 most of the time. Some days it’ll vary too hard one way or the other, but I try to stay somewhat consistent. If I had the dietary discipline that I had years ago (when I lost 45lbs) I’d be in such better shape. But I try to balance out my enjoyment of food with my overall goals.

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Are you having any Ed problems on the NPP? Any E2 sides from the Dbol?

Hi, no definitely no ED problems, it’s the opposite since I started the cycle. Dbol nearly done now.

That’s great. NPP affected me negatively in that dept. Glad it didnt happen to you

Nandrolone terrifies me, and I’ve run it without any ED issues. In fact my libido and the little guy down there were basically that of an 18 year old when I was on it. But even knowing how well I reacted I still won’t touch it again.

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For what reason are you not going to touch it? What are you using instead?

Too many potential long term problems. Heart issues, neurological effects, plus the shorter term ED stuff.