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Help with Diet on Cycle Please


First cycle, weigh 160 at 5’8". My rough draft of my diet is so, 3496 kcal 85 fat, 288 protein, 265 carbs.
Will include random veggies, not sure if this is a good place to start, should i increase/decrease anything?

2 lb chicken
1520 kcal
56g fat
232g protein

4 cups of rice
854 kcal
192 carbs
16 protein

1 avocado-
322 kcal
29g fat
17 carbs
4 protein

4 scoops protein w/ milk
800 kcal
56 carbs
136g protein


How old are you and what compounds are you running?? Bro, at 160, I don’t think an AAS cycle is in your best interest. You definantly could have gained a lot more natty. Which imo is what you should do before starting AAS…reach your natty potential! You need to share your goals as well. Diet will dictate, moreso than AAS (that’s right!), the outcome of your physique. Food is the most anabolic compound there is, AAS being the icing on the cake. Share your goals so we can critique your diet.


Unless you’re insanely lean, like bodybuilding contest lean, you’re obviously in no position to be taking steroids right now. But nobody listens to good advice, so I’ll at least fix your diet.

Your food choices are fine, those are great dietary staples, but that’s WAY more protein than you need. You could almost cut the protein in half and still be fine. I would drop the protein to the 150-180ish range, and increase carbs to 400-500. Higher carb diets are definitely your friend on AAS.


I totally agree with @flipcollar and @isoldier. You are not ready for an AAS cycle. You are 160… Thats really small. I think you need to eat and train like crazy. Also, you left out alot of important stuff like age, time you have been training, training split, compounds you want to run, compound amounts, and even your max for your big three lifts… The diet is the most important part, but all of this has to come together if you want to get results.

Good training+bad diet= shit results
Bad training +good diet= skinny guy with abs lol


@isoldier @flipcollar @moosejuice0311 I didn’t ask if I should go on cycle or not I asked if the diet is good and are the macros on point. Also one more thing I was 180 dropped to 160 before my cycle to be as lean as possible before I start


What flipcollar said, Just because you go on gear doesn’t mean you eat 260+ protein bro lmao have you gotten constipated yet?

Just eat normally like a normal bulk and gains will come, no need to go full rambo anyways. Additionally at 160… lb…i feel like you can gain another 10-15 lb before a cycle.


oh poor baby, sorry we didn’t all give you the exact response you wanted.

go fuck yourself, I gave you advice. What the hell are you tagging me for? Your macros suck, I told you that.


the fact that u stated what that your going to be going on or are on cycle is what I was replying to dude. The thought of you cycling with your stats, weight, light as fuck is crazy! Your diet needs revamped btw. Taking the majority of your protein at your first meal isn’t a good idea…if that’s what I see. Training, rest and eating right is what will benefit you the most right now. However you want to take that…


I…dont understand the set up. Are those the content in which you eat every day? But and hopefully broken into actual meals to make those totals?


HAHAHA aww somebody got a little butthurt because guys, who aren’t built like little girls (aka 160), are giving you solid advice… Your logic doesn’t really make sense, but ok. You wanna get “as lean as possible” before starting a cycle… Bro, you are fucking 160… Any lighter and a strong wind will blow you away. HAHA I love how people get on here for help, and then get in their feelings when someone gives them advice. Maybe you should add sucking a bag of dicks to your daily intake… Oh and you may need some extra estrogen blockers, because you seem kinda whiny and sensitive.

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