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Help with Diet, Gaining Size


Hey guys. When I was 15 I started working out. I was 5'6 and 120lbs. Now I'm 19 and Im 5'11 165lbs. Honestly after typing that it seems pretty pathetic haha... Anyways about 6 months ago, when I was dieting and lifting constantly I was 175lbs every morning and my arms for example were an inch and a quarter bigger, which is huge.... Until last month I was hovering around 168-169, got a banging gf so I started slacking in the gym and def slacking on the diet. But last week I got the flu and lost about 6lbs. Im at 164 my arms have shrank, my calves are tiny as ****, its depressing honestly.

So I want to start up on a diet of atleast 3500calories. I used to eat around 3700. I need motivation. Im also thinking about buying some supps but I dont know whats good as far as supps go because I know they arent necessary. But anyway, I have friends around my age that are getting huge, theyre all 18-19 but theyre also taking supps. Let me know what you guys think as far as supps and DIET. I need some damn motivation before I hop on a damn cycle LOL. And Im pretty picky and hate a lot of foods so its kind of rough. So please show me some diets and supps

Also people say when youre young like I am its easy to grow as long as you eat and lift hard. Right now its never been harder in my life and Im feeling so unmotivated. I was almost tempted to get a cycle a while ago being an idiot. Need a lot of help!


My 2 cents,
Look at Joe Defranco's Westside for skinny bastards routine, as far as supplements go, a good Protein powder (a weightgainer type), other than I'm not really big on supplements. After you train for about 6-8 months maybe get some creatine. As far as diet goes, 50% carbs 30% Protein and 20% fat. Don't force feed yourself, or you will get sick of eating. Eat foods that are caloricly dense such as peanut butter, guacamole, steak, pizza, spagetti, ice cream, or lasagna.

Don't worry about what everybody is doing or gaining, there is always someone bigger than you, but the guys that are bigger than you also wish they could eat like you and be ripped. Concentrate on being the best you can be. You will be able to be more ripped than guys bigger than you. Train hard and look at your gains every 6 months then reevaluate your training and diet.

Good luck,


Thanks man. Yea I have taken kre alk and mono before but I seem to think I am a non responder. Sounds good maybe i will count out some macros and stuff and write up a diet even tho my diet fluctuates daily. Should I get strictly whey or a weight gainer?


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Enjoy being skinnier than most high school jv athletes.

You didnt come here to get help. You came here to whine. Youre lazy and youre soft. You'll never make progress the way your brain is currently wired.

You think youre the only one with a girlfriend? WHo the fuck cares. What does that have to do with lifting weights? Does she have a chain around your dick that you cant leave the house to go lift?

Now that reality has given you a cold slap to the face, it's your move. Be a skinny fat twig for the rest of your life or dont. Choose.


Be a skinny fat twig for the rest of your life or dont? HAHA WHERE DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? You're a fool. I would much rather be in my place than your's anyday homie sorry about it. First, that's not true. I'm honestly more fit than my friends going for CAL baseball. Oh yea that's right. Im going to CAL Berkeley this Fall. Also I press more weight on half my lifts then my friends who are WR and DB on the football team. Honestly Im fine where Im at, I just wanted to gain 10-15 more lbs and stay comfortably at that size. Im not trying to make this into a lifestyle or get huge. Im just a perfectionist and want my goal body. And yeah she is on my dick. And honestly I'd rather get it in then go to the gym, sorry. I choose my priorities and thats what they are: Pussy>Gym. You are probably some yoked out dude who gets no pussy yet throws crazy weight at the gym. Have fun being a dude who works at a gym his whole life and gets no pussy!

Edit: Oh and I just saw your pics. Ill be straight up. You are yoked out no lie you are hella fit. But I never want to be where you're at. Each to his own right. Good luck to you homie but I got my goals and maybe they arent like yours.


Sorry for the ramble guys. If anyone wants to HELP me or give me some advice and show me a sample 3500 calorie diet, please do.


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i would advise giving monohydrate another try, kre alk didnt do shit for me either? you gotta enjoy what your doing or its never gonna last bro, maybe try a different philosophy, ex: bodybuilding/ powerlifting whatever, even if its just a small switch. the whole theing, workingout and dieting can be a chore if you dont enjoy eat, just try and mximize your protein when you eat and use common sense, dont micromanage all aspects of your life


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Alright thank you. I appreciate the advice!