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Help With Diet for Fat Loss

Hello all. My focus right now is cleaning up my diet, mainly to lose fat and I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers or critiques on what I’ve been doing so far. I’ve been eating pretty clean for a little over a week, but I only started keeping a log (using fitday.com) two days ago I’ll post yesterday’s because most days are very similar. My training is pretty intense as I’m a bball player and we have conditioning/weights sessions about 4 times a week, as well as on the court training. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

6:45 - Lift
PWO- 1 serving Surge, followed an hour later by a serving of high-fiber hot cereal mixed with a half-scoop of Metabolic Drive w 2 teaspoons of liquid fish oil.

Lunch- 1 cup raw broccoli, 1 cup raw kidney beans, 2 cups lettuce and a half-can of Canned Salmon w 2 teaspoons of fish oil.

4:00- Conditioning Session (sprints mainly)
Dinner- Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Salad from Subway w no dressing, 2 teaspoons fish oil
Later- 1 scoop Metabolic Drive
Before Bed- 1 scoop Metabolic Drive

Total Cal: 2203 Fat: 66 g Protein: 195 g
Carbs: 215 Fiber: 46

Do yall think this is enough calories? Possibly too many carbs? Thanks again for any comments/critiques.

Uh, not sure if it is too little calories or not. What is your maintenance calorie level? Too many carbs? Not sure on that one either.

I’m not sure how to calculate my maintenance level…I’m 6"6, about 235 lbs. I’m not in bad shape by any means but I’ve got a little fat I’d like to get rid of. It would be nice to get down to about 225 lbs. Is there a formula I could use to figure my maintenance level?

The harris-benedict formula is a good way to start:

66.5 + (13.75 x kg) + (5.003 x cm) - (6.775 x age) * activity level

For activity level I’d use 1.5 since you’re working out regularly.

That will give you a rough guide as to your basal metabolic rate. Then cut 20% so you’ll be in a deficit. Monitor your progress and cut 5%-10% every two weeks afterwards until you’re losing about 1-2lbs a week. Don’t forget to use some form of calorie or carb cycling.


You are not eating anywhere near enough food. Plain and simple, your body will keep your fat ring because you are tellin’ it to do so.

You should be consuming 2500 cals just as maint!!! Now top that off with bb and weights and you could easily consume 3500 to 4000 cals a day.

Eat more. Forget about carb cycling and calorie cycling and for that matter any type of cycling. Eat as much healthy food as often as you can.

You and I are about the same size (I’m 6’6" 241lbs.).

If you are training intensely, i wouldn’t bother trying to lose fat at this point. If you are eating right and working hard, you’ll make body comp changes not lose weight. So eat at maintenance and eat clean.

My maintenance is about 3000 cal/day, if that means anything to you. You need to eat enough to maintain that type of intensity in your training.

So eat clean and keep working hard. you may want to do some carb-cycling if you gain fat easily, but eat enough to recover.

Thanks for the responses guys. I used the harris-benedict formula and my maintenance is also somewhere around the 3000 cals per day area, so I definately havent been getting enough calories. It seems like a strange concept that eating more food could actually help me get rid of fat, is this because it gets the metabolism going higher?

I’ve heard about the body going into “starvation mode” so maybe it’s related to that. I do seem to add fat quite easily so carb-cycling is definately something that I will do some research on. Thanks again for the help.