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Help with Diet for Fat Loss

Hey all
I’ve been chopping and changing my diet a little bit to try dust some numbers out and have come up with these
My main goal at the moment is to get to somewhere around the 10/14% body fat or somewhere around the 108/112kgs mark
My stats at the moment are:
6 foot 11 (212cms)
290 pounds (135kgs)
I work a pretty active job, I’m a glazier so a fair bit of walking up stairs, squatting and bending down etc so not sedentary by any means
All the calorie calculators are coming back around the 3300 for 0.5kgs a week loss of fat but I just want to iron out some food choices
I’ve followed Chris shugarts article titled “the simple diet for athletes” and decided to cut out milk etc and replaced it with “healthier” options

Meal 1 breakfast:
(Overnight oats)
3/4 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 cup water
1 medium apple cut up
35g of mixed berries
100g Greek yogurt

Meal 2
Protein shake (in water)

Meal 3 lunch
(All meal prep slow cooked)
200g chicken
50g broccoli
45g carrots
1/2 cup sweet potato

Meal 4 afternoon snack
4 eggs - scrambled
Small handful of leafy greens
2 thin rice cakes with 1tbsp of low fat natural peanut butter
Protein shake (in water)

Preworkout snack
Creating/pre workout/ 1/5 cup of almonds

Intraworkout aminos

Post workout
3 chicken drumsticks (oven fried light spray of oil)
150g broccoli

I use the MyFitnessPal app and it states that currently my percentages are
209g carbs 31%
109g of fat 37%
215g protein 32%

I follow the Jim wendlers 531 at the moment and after every workout there is some sort of HIIT training such as prowler sleds, battle ropes, assault bike for about 20 mins plus I run 1km from the gym back home

Thanks for the help guys anything is greatly appreciated

I see no problem with the choices necessarily, as long as they are all the “right” choices for you. Meaning if they digest well.

I’d drop fats to 20%, protein to 240-290 g and the rest from carbs. Food choices seem fine, although you’d want to tweak them a bit if you lower you fat intake.

For what it’s worth, I used that kind of macro split (0.8-1 times bodyweight in pounds in grams of protein, 20% daily calorie from fat and the rest carbs) to get to your goal body comp while using 5/3/1.

I’m thinking probably substitute the drumsticks for chicken breast? Possibly ground beef
Thanks for the suggestion, I was aiming for around the 30% mark but if this doesn’t work, I’ll definitely take that onboard!

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Chicken thigh works well too. Also white fish like basa

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Yes to chicken thighs. I accidentally bought them one day instead of breasts and haven’t looked back. They just taste so much better and the difference in calories is not much to worry about. Just have some kitchen scissors to trim the big hunks of fat and I wouldn’t worry about the little strips strewn thorough the meat. If a 170 pound guy can get leaner without chicken breasts then a 290 pound guy surely can drop some weight and enjoy tatstier thigh meat. And it’s cheaper also, so win win.


To be completely honest the only reason I don’t use thigh meat all that often (because I agree, It tastes 100% better) is because the serving packages per quantity is a lot smaller, and considering I need to pack in a shit load of calories, I tend to always go for the larger (cheaper) option
In Australia from a supermarket, a standard breast pack is around about $8 with 3 double breasts, as opposed to around $6 with about 5/6 thighs
I’m thinking a trip to the butcher might be in hand from now on!

I look out for thighs on sale (here in Canberra, BTW, so I know what you mean with prices). I pick the cheapest met that fits my needs, so it changes based on price.

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Yeah coles and woolies have been my best friend so far but I suppose it’s quality over quantity hey
Yeah sick! I’m from the central coast nsw just above Sydney
How’s the cold snap handling you guys? 3 degrees up this way this morning

We’re meant to hit minus six this weekend, bit it’s been OK so far.

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