Help With Diet For Blood Results

Hello all, I am female trying to gain lean mass right now. Just had some blood work done and my test levels are extremely low (2), my growth hormone levels were extremely low (don’t have the exact number, I think they used IG-F to measure it?), my thyroid was the lowest ever seen before by my doctor. My fasting glucose levels were within range, but insulin levels were very very low.

But I’m not fat, I’m only 100 pounds and very thin. My diet has been clean too, very high protein, moderate carb (100-200- mostly veggies and small amounts of oatmeal), moderate fat for my size (30-40 grams).

Now what sort of diet should I be following to gain size? I believe he said I am hypoglycemic as well, which makes sense since I get very tired after eating starchy carbs and feel very tired and weak if I go longer than 2.5-3 hours without eating.

The doctor has presribed a test topical cream (what the hell is this?), a natural thyroid (with T3 and t4) pill, as well as growth hormone. But didn’t give me too much about diet.

Can someone knowledgeable chime in please? Again, goals are to increase lean mass (possibly compete), and up the thyroid and just feel better. I train hard and heavy 5 days a week. Should I keep my cardio (just 20-30 min incline walking a few days a week in the morning after BCAAs) ? It makes me feel good and prob only burns a few cals…

Hey SM,

Could you give us maybe alittle better idea of the types of foods you are consuming, times of day and amounts? Also an idea of your workout as well.

But to get you started maybe read the Metabolism repair article, look at the Cheat to Lose diet as well.


Your problem likely isnt that your FAT of course but starving. What have you been eating tc etc, Had you training hard prior to the tests. lots of things can lead to what you stated but im guessing severely underfed and over trained.

Did the doc do any follow up test as to why your not making test. Are you primary or secondary. Did you / he try any other avenue top restore your levels prior to just giving replacement??

I would request to find out why your levels are low. what isnt working. This not to scare you but many times can be a tumor on the pituitaryt and just by treating the sytmptoms and not finding out the issue, the cause well it will go un treated


my diet has been around 1400-1800 cals, which is not real low for my weight. I was maintaining my weight on that. eating mostly omega 3 eggs, egg whites, greek yogurt, tuna, chicken, turkey, lean beef, ostrich, some fish, Metabolic Drive, waxy maize starch postworkout, oatmeal,pumpkin, squash, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, bok choy, olive oil, almonds, 6 fish oil caps a day, 3 borage oil caps daily

no, no more info from the doc. Just that my levels of Test were extremely low, as is my thyroid.

training- I lift heavy, 5 days a week, in the 6-12 rep range. muscles always have atleast 48-72 hours to recover.

cardio has been light, maybe 20-30 minutes incline treadmill walking 4 or 5 times a week, heart rate stays between 130-147.

you are very active. An increase in calories could be good for you.

All those foods are healthy (I dont know how you combine them into meals, but the list seems good)

Fish oil will be good for your “hypoglycemic nature” as it helps with insulin sensitivity for many people.