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Help With Diet and Routine For Newbie

I just wanted some advice on my current diet and workout routine. Such as if i am eating the right food or if i should change it at all, same applies to the workout routine but please keep in mind that the only equipment i have are dumbbells and a barbell with bench.

My main aim is to lose weight and bodyfat, i currently weigh around 162 pounds with 14% BF.

My diet is as follows:

8.30/9am-Meal 1
�?�1/3 cups dry oats (35 grams)
�?�8 egg whites (300 grams)
�?�2 scoops of ON 100% Whey Protein

�?�2 tbsp Udo Oil
�?�2 Vitamin C (1000mg’s)
�?�1 Multi’s Vitamins
�?�5g Glutamine

11:30am-Meal 2
�?�1 Cup of Brown Rice (100 grams cooked)

2:00pm-Meal 3
�?�4oz. Chicken
�?�1 Cup of Spinach Salad (80 grams spinach, 40 grams salad)
�?�2 tbsp Udo Oil

4:30/5pm-Pre Workout Shake
�?�1 Scoop ON 100% Whey Protein with 5g of Glutamine
�?�1 Multi Vitamin

6/6:30pm Post workout shake
�?�Post workout shake-2 Scoops ON 100% Whey Protein
�?�5g Glutamine
�?�5g Dextrose

1 hour after post workout drink- Meal 4
�?�4oz. Fish or Chicken
�?�1 Yam or sweet potato (4oz)
�?�1 Cup of Salad (100 grams)

9/10pm- Meal 5
�?�4 oz Fish or Chicken
�?�Steamed Veggies (4 ounces)

Before Bed meal
�?�Tin of Tuna (Water Packed)

�?�1 Multi Vitamins
�?�5g Glutamine
�?�2 tbsp Udo oil

I do workouts 3 days a week, so 4 days i will not have the workout drinks and will include the before bed meal in that day.

My main questions about my diet are:
Should i start taking creatine or wait until i am in my bulking phase?

On non workout days should i have one shake with a piece of fruit in place of the pre-workout shake?

Is there any changes that i should make? in terms of what i actually eat?

My workout routine is:

Flat Bench Press (3 x 4-6 reps)
Incline Dumbbell or Barbell Press (3 x 4-6 reps)
Dumbbell Flys (2 x 4-6 reps)
Skull Crusher (3 x 4-6 reps)
Dips (3 x 4-6)
Weighted Crunches (3 x 8-12)

Pull-Ups (3 x 4-6 reps)
One-arm Dumbbell Row (2 x 4-6)
Bent Over Barbell Row (3 x 4-6 reps)
Barbell Upright Row (3 x 4-6 reps)
Barbell or cambered bar curls (3 x 4-6 reps)
Concentration dumbbell curls (2 x 4-6)
Side Bends (3 x 8-12)

Seated Barbell Press (3 x 4-6 reps)
Dumbbell side laterals (3 x 4-6)
Barbell Shrugs (2 x 4-6 reps)
Squats (3 x 4-6 reps)
Stiff Legged Deadlifts (3 x 4-6 reps)
Single Leg Calf Raise (2 x 4-6)
Weighted Leg Raise or Reverse Crunch (3 x 8-12)

Is a 3-day split like this one good for a cutting phase?
Are there any exercises i should replace? if so what with?

I also do cardio 4 times a week on the none workout days in the morning, and this consists of a 45 min jog or bike ride, should i instead do 2 long cardio sessions and 2 HIIT sessions?

Sorry about all the questions but am fairly new to this and was hoping that some of you may be able to help me.


My main aim is to lose weight and bodyfat, i currently weigh around 162 pounds with 14% BF.

Unless you are only 5 ft. tall , I don’t understand the desire to lose weight at only 162 pounds, and 14% bodyfat(if that is an accurate assessment).

Who am I to question your goals, though I just did. Maybe I can help add some perspective. If your goal is to lose body fat, I can’t fault you for that. Though, at 162 pounds I’m willing to bet you don’t have much muscular development, or don’t realize that you don’t have much muscular development under your relatively lean physique.

If you spend time cutting, or eating and training to cut, in my opinion it will be time wasted. Think of it this way, if you are at 14% bdy fat at 162 lbs. thats 22 lbs of fat you have right now. If you train to add muscle and eat suficiently you will gain muscle.

If you end up at 180 pounds after months of training and eating right, but still maintain the the 22lbs of body fat, you will have essentially lowered your body fat percentage without even cutting, after all it is a percentage, more like 12% with the added muscle. I personally think people worry too much about cutting and not building. Building is the physique changing part, cutting is just composition.

The diet looks decent, you can alter as you see fit throughout time, just eat clean and frequently, not to get fat, but fuel your needs.

The routine looks decent as well but I feel as though since you are a beginner you could benefit from significantly less volume and exercises, the choices of exercises for the most part look good in that they are core compound movements.

Just my opinion, I may have come across like I was ripping on you, but I get a little frustrated when I see people heading in an unproductive direction like I did towards the beginning.

I think your totally right to be honest, I have wanted to start bulking but kept reading articles about how you should only bulk once you manage to get your BF down to around 10% or lower otherwise you may put on more fat.

If i did decide to go for a bulking phase do you think it would be alright to stick with the things i already eat currently but just increase the volume to ensure my calroies intake is above my maintance level?

also would it be worth taking creatine? If i do should i take more dextrose with it after a workout? or just add a little more but throw in some oats as well?

Thanks for the reply as well dude, as you even stated i am a beginner so all the help is much appreciated!

My opinion is that:

A) You are a beginner (no shit) and that you haven’t lifted before, or if you have it hasn’t been programmed. So a bit like me you probably cannot deadlift 400lbs.

B) Since you are A.,you lean body weight isn’t that high so your BF % is higher. So although your weight is ok if not below what is normally recommended for BMI (can be used here). You basically look undefined.

C) You have read around about nutrition etc which is good shows commitment. But your program won’t work since I am guessing you are looking to lift big but doing a lot of high %1RM will leave you jaded by the 4th exercise, leading to poor form.

So with this stuff in mind what I would recommend, which would set you up better, is a ‘starting strength’ type program which would be a low volume high intensity work out ie you would be doing 5x5 on big compound lifts.

Also with supplements, consider only taking whey, and only after workouts. If this is not possible due to restricted fiscals so that you can’t get all the protein from whole foods then fair enough take it in other places. A lot has been made of supplements but at the beginning stage you won’t see a major difference.

So after ten weeks or however long it takes you to complete the 5x5 program, dead simple you only need to learn 3-5 lifts, you can move on whilst having a basic level of strength.

As I said mine is just an opinion, so feel free to take what you will.