Help with Dianabol (DBol)

Hi guys, what’s up? I need a lot of help regarding my Dianabol (dbol) Anabolic “oral” Steroid. My first ever cycle began few days ago with Dianabol. I ordered it from SDI-LABS. Now I know, that SDI-LABS don’t make real “black-market” steroids. The one I got is D-BOL 60 capsules (white). They provide alternative as suppliments and they say it gives you the same results as real as would. Don’t know much about that, I’m taking 3 capsules a day, with breakfast, at lunch time and before I go workout. Most people told me that is a good cycle, but for 3-4 days I didn’t notice anything yet. If this stuff does not work, I’m gettin’ Dianabol “Naposim” … what should I do ?

Gee, if only I had written an article warning people about this scam, it would have saved you a lot of money. Oh well, if I would have written such an article, say 4 months ago, it would have probably looked like this: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

He he he! did u really think that it would give u any results ?