Help With Determing How to Cut

Alright, I wanted to know what I should do and what my gameplan should be. I have what I suspect to be gyno. Doctor said it will go away if I drop my fat. I want to be 10% bf. I’m currently 200 lbs and around 21-22% bf. I was recommend to cut to 170 then bulk back up to whatever I wanted to be. I wanted to know if it was possible to be 170 and be at 10% bf?

Also I wanted to know if there’s any other ways of dropping bodyfat without weighing that little. Anyway I just wanted to know how I should gameplan this. I’ve already lost 25lbs from wrestling basically not eating as much and training hard for wrestling. I will most likely be 189lbs by the end of this month cause I sorta have to.

Anyway besides that after wrestling over. I wanted to cut and since I never really done anything like this before since I played football and was encouarged to just get stronger, get a little bigger and just faster. Now I’m more concerned abotu my health and looking better.

So basically it all comes down to

  1. How much weight should I cut down to?
  2. When I get down to desired weight do I bulk
  3. Is their anyway to get down to 10% bf without neccessarily cutting to a low weight.
  4. If I’m 185 by the end of feberaury how long should I plan on cutting. I want to look good by may which is my birthday,prom.
  5. Can you have defined abs at 10% even tho I hear you must be below it
  6. After I cut should I take like a week off from cutting then go into a clean bulk?
  7. Last question I promise. During a clean bulk is it still good to go down like in bf like with the help of supps and just the way you train?

While cutting, make sure that you eat enough and don’t over train. Make sure you’re still lifting heavy and often and keep your workouts around 50 minutes so you don’t have to much of a deficit. You should also do cardio and what not. Try sprints or intervals as those burn the most fat and leave the biggest postworkout caloric burn.