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Help With Deformed Right Lat

i’ve been lifting for over a year now, and recently i dicovered an ‘injury’ i had for i don’t now how long. it seems my right lat is permanently ‘stuck’ in the lats spread position. i can’t seem to make it close back on it’s own.

after much flexing and moving the area, it can only go back a bit. the deformity is getting more and more obvious as i lose more body fat. i’m probably going to see a doctor about it, but would like the opinion of u guys. the scapulae hurts too if i try to fiddle with it too much.


Maybe Active Release Technique? Run a search at this site. There was an interview with the inventor of ART a long time back.

could be nerve damage, which i hope it isnt. if it is it could be permenant or take years to go away. i had surgery on my neck and right now the muscles on the left side of my face dont work as well so i smile lopsided. but it will go away after a while.

have it checked out by a neurologist if stretching stuff doesnt work.