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Help with Deca and Test Cycle

Hi guys,
I’m 28 years old 6”2 and weighing 85kg.
I’m doing a cut at the moment and probably have about another month or so to go.

Once I have finished my cut I am going to do a clean bulk with a proper diet, I already have a nutritionist helping me with that.

I need help with my second steroid cycle though.
I have some deca and test ready to go but I’m not all that sure on how much I should take and how many times per week I take it.
Also is there anything else that I should take with it to stop estrogen? If there is anything I should take do I put it in the syringe with the deca and test at the same time?
Another thing is would it be a bad idea to mix in a little bit of HGH?

My first cycle I had a friend who knew a lot about all this stuff doing it for me but we no longer talk now.

That would depend on the kind of test you have.

Since it’s your first cycle, don’t bother with the deca, just try test only and see how you manage

@swoops39 He mentioned it is his second cycle.

OP if your unsure of what to use to manage e2 i would just stick to test for your second cycle. Screwing around with 19 nors is going to add another level of complexity your not ready for. Do some reading on AIs. Pick one and keep it on hand. Dosage is different from person to person and you will only know once you start having high e2 sides.

Leave the deca for subsequent cycles.

Yep, I read his last sentence wrong. My bad

This may be of some help