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Help with Deadlift


Just going to be frank my deadlift SUCKS. I really want to do my first meet but I dont know whats wrong with my deadlift. Gym PRs on squat/bench are 545/365 but deadlifting 455x1 is a major grinder. Can post a form check. All comments/tips/advice/opinions accepted. Thanks


form check would definitely be a plus for figuring out whats up


Post a video. Write up what your training has been for the deadlift in the last few months. What do you think the problem is?

And a question for you to think on: are you honestly putting in the same effort with the deadlift as the other two main lifts?


Not much we can do without a video or something man


I work all day today but I definitely will post a video tomorrow. Really looking forward to hearing your guys opinion. Also help with programming would be great. I usually just do a basic 3x5 or 5x5 once a week…