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Help with Deadlift Form

Hi im new to deadlifts I have been trying to get my form correct, would be great if you guys could help https://youtu.be/ymp5364baiE

I thought your form looked pretty good on the first 5 reps, but it appears that your lower back got fatigued pretty quickly and you started rounding around the 6th rep. Maybe stick with 5 reps; most PLers don’t train the DL with high reps, partly for this very reason, that is, form can break down with fatigue. Also, I can’t really tell from the video how you’re doing with bracing, but that’s really crucial in the DL as well.

Ditch the elevated heel shoes. They increase ROM and put your centre of gravity forward. They are for squats and weightlifter things.

I’d try starting the lift with the bar directly over the middle of your foot (sit a bit closer to you). From here an efficient lift has a close to vertical bar path up and down.

On your reps where you start the bar forward of your midfoot during the ascent the bar path will correct to get you onto that straight bar path over your midfoot. You’ll feel this as increased difficulty at the start and maybe balance / your weight shifting about vs those smooth reps that feel easy when you have a proper start position.

Related is when you go to lower the bar from the top/locked out position you break and the knees and hips simultaneously. Means the bar has to travel out and over your knees landing forward of midfoot and messing up the start position of the next rep. See vid below


Thanks! Really helpful! All seems to make sense will give it a try!

Man I like Alan thrall he puts out some quality content. I don’t completely buy in to his programming style but I guess it works
For some ppl. He’s into strongman again and is hosting a comp at his gym I think.

He does have nice deadlift
Form though.

To OP your form isn’t bad man, like was said looks like you’re just fatiguing. If your low back is getting fatigued then that’s a weak point. You can target. Good luck man.

I like his beard

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