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Help with Deadlif & Squatting Form (Videos)

Deadlift - 60kg

I find my problem is that from the reading up on here and knowing how important form is I’m almost scared of increasing my dead/squat to much incase of injury. Straight away after my deadlift my back feels like its aching, on for a short time normally till the end of my workout. Should this be expected or is this down to my form?


Squat - 50kg

I realise straight away that for starters I need to go lower and get parallel with the ground. And I am uncertain about where to put the weight on my back…

Sorry about the weight blocking most of the exercise out.

Thanks again

have you read this yet?
its a gooder

I think your dead lift looks good, but it needs to be setting on the ground every time. It is a dead lift, not an almost dead lift.