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Help with Dbol Back Pumps?

i was doing legs today and after 5 sets of squats I went to the the leg press and it was over my back was so painfully pumped the workout was over, ill admit I need to drink a lot more water but I have been taking 4g of tauring and 4 100mg potassium pills and magnesium and other shit everyday. im 2 weeks in on the dbol with 2 to go and I just got called back to work, which is intense labor…ugh…what can I do to survive the last two weeks.

and most importantly how long does it take to clear so you don’t get pumps from the dbol anymore…im takin 15 to 25 mg a day… basically 25 but I forgot a couple times to take the last dose so a couple days at 20 and one at 15 cuz I was gone all day.

im taking 600mg of test e on top of that, I want to stay on cycle if I can. im 4 weeks in

how bout I take some midol? I heard it helps when you hurt your pussy…………

I take taurine for var pumps 3grams every few hours for a total of 12 grams a day. With 3 grams directly before workout.

It makes is bareable. Maybe try uping your taurine and drink more water

zeek thanks bro im gonna up that taurine and definitely the water…need the water.

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