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Help with Day to Day Nutrition...


I am new here...not sure if advice like this is usually given out but I will give it a try.

Background:25yrs old. 6' tall, 235lbs. Overweight...
Just started this schedule.
Cardio T,Th,S
Lift M,W,F.
I am lost as to what my diet should be like.

I have three small children and cannot spend much time
with my meals. I am also a full time student and am gone alot. I have just recently started mixing protein powder in bottled orange juice 1x/day.

When should I be taking in protein shakes?
Should I keep eating cottage cheese and an apple at night?

Should I be going low carb?
I am at a lost with all the different diets and junk I see around.
Any meal plan ideas?

Can I make a meal replacement shake for breakfast and lunch with something else in between and a normal supper?




do yourself a favor and buy yourself an early x-mas gift.


I'd pass on Precision Nutrition and instead buy anything by Alan Aragon, Scott Abel, or Jamie Hale.


There is also a Beginner's forum on the right-hand side, and plenty of articles on the site about getting started with the right nutrition program.


At "25yrs old. 6' tall, 235lbs. Overweight" I'd go with Berardi's Precision Nutrition over the works of the other authors listed.


What exactly does precision nutrition cover?
Did I mention I was below the poverty level, aka...poor. lol.

I don't have an abundance of time to formulate a personalized nutrient intake. Is their a standard diet I could follow and do minor tweaks to accommodate?



There are plenty of free nutrition/diet articles by Berardi and others right here: http://www.T-Nation.com/archives.do?y=2008&s=nutrition.

You just have to put forth the effort to read, learn, and implement. However, if you're like most people this will never happen.


spoken for truth


how are you accessing the internet?


Why? So he can hear about how gosh darn important nutrient timing is?

He needs straight talk.


I agree with ovalpline. Aragon and Hale are two fantastic authors who don't often get the credit they deserve around here.

I'll also add that Lyle McDonald's nutrition articles are top notch as well.


have you read Berardi's stuff or PN? it's not all about nutrient timing. It's actually basic, easy to follow stuff.

  1. eat every 2-3 hrs
  2. eat a protein
  3. fruit and/or veggie
  4. avoid starchy carbs except PWO (to start off with)
  5. get an equal mix of fat
  6. 0 cal beverages
  7. eat whole foods as much as possible

not much in the way of nutrient timing there. Now, the more advanced you are, the more specific things will need to be tweaked


Thanks for this advice guys...
I am simply wanting to make a change but my days are 5am - 11pm constantly moving with school,work and kids. I can definitely read up on information but the search for what is "good" information was killing me. Thanks again for the help and anything else would be greatly appreciated.

I am wanting to cut down to around 200 then back up with lean mass. I know this will happen simultaneously though if I am doing everything right.

Really needing to know how I should balance my workouts and breakfast which happen around 5:30am. I cannot eat after this unless it is a quick protein/water or something similar. Should I eat before the gym? Should I make a nutrition shake to replace a few meals? etc......

Should I be getting 2000calories or 1000. Their is so much information out there that a guy like me is at a loss.



I have PN.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great product in that it emphasizes exercise, protein, fruit, vegetables, whole foods...

The rest of it is just excessive and unimportant.

As I mentioned in a different thread, there are only two criteria that matter when it comes to creating your diet:
(1) make your diet functional so that it serves your body (protein, EFA, glycogen needs, micronutrients, fiber)
(2) make your diet sustainable