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Help With Cycle


Hey guys this is my first post on T-Nation. This will be my 2nd cycle. I have done a trenbolone acetate and test prop only cycle before and make pretty good gains off of it but got some gyno from it ( I know I didn't have nolva on hand and now have to pay 3000 bucks to get the shit removed.

My stats are 26yrs old, 6'5 265lbs 9-11% bodyfat. I have been training for 3-4 yrs and diet is on point. My goal is to carry 275-285 pounds at around 6-8% bodyfat by the time I am 30 yrs old.

As far as post cycle goes what would be a good dosing schedule for nolva and clomid. I don't have access to HCG.
1-12 Test enathate 500 mg/week
1-12 equipoise 400 mg/ week
1-4 d-bol 30 mg/ day
1-12 arimidex .5 mg /day