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Help With Cycle

Ok guys the names derek I’ve been lifting for 2-3 years I’m 24 and since i began lifting I’ve made great gains but they have completely stalled for over a year even with a clean diet. I’d like to gain some muscle and lean up with a cycle I’ve done some research and this seems like the one for me.

winstrol w/1-8
Primobolan w/1-8
clenbuterol w/1-10

Please help me out guys i’d appreciate it thanks.

No gains in a year? Sounds like you need to work on your diet.

Here’s a good link, read this and try again later:

no source

Crap cycle.

The posts on this site of late have been fucking awful.

Newbs coming in, with little to no knowledge asking ridiculous questions.

This is what we get for ‘being nicer’.