Help with Cycle to Get Bigger and Lean


Can i get some suggestions about cycle…

So i want to know what stack to use for getting bit bigger but lean…so for befor summer…

Test+tren maybe or so…

Height: 175cm
Weight: 85kg
Bf: 15-20%

Looks good man. 1g of each for 16 weeks and you will be rocking for summer.

I am totally kidding, don’t do that. You have to post more info. for people to give informative advice.

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You need to go spend a few hours on these forums searching First Cycles. Then fix your post.

No one is going to come and give you advice like this. They wont feel comfortable without seeing the WHOLE picture. Or at least as much as possible. Age, length you been training, First cycle? , diet?

Go research more.

I’ve searched forum for quite a lot that’s why i’m asking. There are so many different oppinios so…

I’m 27
Workout the 5th year now
I just did one cycle on test only 800mg/week (i know it’s a loot…)

I just need some oppinion what stack would be best to prepare for summer and duration.

Seeing As you are new, why not just run another testosterone only cycle? 500mg per week should get you What you desire for muscle gains. Before the cycle, cut to your desired body fat/leanness.