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Help with Cycle (Test E/Clen/Var)


First things first:
Male, early 30s, 6,2, 237lbs, 10.8% BF, been weightlifting for approximately 10years. I used to be very overweight (well over 300 plus) and lost it all naturally in a matter of less than a year. Aside from one previous test cycle about a year ago that I tried as I had been hitting a wall for quite a while, all of my progress is natural.

My diet is pretty much solid - I eat very clean, weigh and track everything and get my macros in check. I used to run with an approximate 2200 cal diet but have amped it up to about 2800-3000/day. I workout 5-6 days a week (push/pull/leg split) and between 60-90min for each. My RMR is 2,489cals.

I’m looking to start my first cycle of Test Enanthate, Clen and Anavar and would like some input from those who have done cycles themselves including dosing. My natural test levels are on the low side so I’m sure this has some bearing on me hitting a wall with growth.

My main focus on this cycle is to get my BF% a bit lower and put on some more muscle but not too much. I have an event I want to try for this coming fall and I’m looking for that extra kick that I can add to my cardio to improve recovery and cardio endurance. I’ve read through tons of boards and sites regarding this stack and ones of a similar nature by want to get precise input for my specific request.

Not looking for advice from those that will just simply reinforce the all natty method - I’ve done that to death so keep your two cents.

Also, appreciate any advice on alternate cycles and the like. Not sure if I’ve left anything out but will answer q’s. Thanks.


Just an idea… but you may think about running the clen during your PCT. Its anti-catabolic and can aid in preserving your muscle.


My two cents: skip the clen on cycle and run EQ instead. Why? Because you mentioned making your cardio better and EQ will absolutely help with that. And the nice thing is that you don’t need to run it at huge doses for the cardio benefits. Guys run EQ at huge numbers when they’re trying to add lean mass. But for the purposes of making cardio better and increasing endurance you can get away with a lower dose. The increase in RBC will do wonders for your cardio and the risks are, in my opinion, less severe than clen. Something like 400mg/w of EQ won’t give you results you’ll see in the mirror, but you will likely feel then while you’re on. I’d tag in @ Physio and see what he has to say. He’s the EQ expert. But give it some thought.


Thanks for the tip…I’m gonna read up on it. And yea, I already have good size so I not gonna be hardpressed if I don’t see massive gains or anything so that won’t be an issue. Also, I’m not sure how to tag people so they see this post.


Have to disagree on the EQ and suggest Masteron instead. Granted, I’ve never run EQ but I have run Mast several times and it hardens me up quite nicely.


I was thinking more about the cardio angle than the actual outward appearance. But if we’re talking about looking good then you’re absolutely right about mast. Guy I’m on friendly terms with at my gym is in the middle of a simple test/mast run and he looks really fantastic. I’m somewhat jealous of the guys who stay lean enough for mast to work its magic.


How much clen Var & test u got? What about AI?

If you’re wanting to cut better swap the test eth for prop…save the eth for bulking

Clen & Var together sucks your gonna have bad cramps unless you hydrate well.

But if u gotta use it go 2 weeks on 2 weeks off if you can handle the clen… Personally I go 1 on 1 off with clen as it fuckin sux… but luv Var


I’m not in the “lean” category that people declare is needed to see results. I see results in the high teens, plus Mast saved me from gyno on my last Dbol cycle. I


I only have 2 vials of test e at the moment, the rest I’ll have within a week - trying to determine how much I’ll need for my cycle. I’ve read up on the comparables/differences between Enanthate and Proprionate and from what I’ve read, the only really proven difference is the half-life…any possible gain over the other in cutting properties in very minor.

As for AI, I honestly don’t see myself taking huge doses right off the hop. I will probably be on the moderate end and based off a single, possibly double cycle, I don’t think what I’m taking will have that negative of a hit on me to incorporate AI. Might be a waste of money. This could be just plain ignorance on my part - feel free to interject.

Due to the recent advice on EQ, I’ve been reading up on it more and possible advantages over clen. I may be leaning towards a test/eq/var stack instead of the clen. But again, I’d like some input from those who have or are doing EQ and preferably from those who have done both.


I’ve read up on Masteron and all credible sources say that the original compound of the drug was discountinued by all sources and different variations now exist…so with no more pharmaceutical masteron how would you know what you’re taking?


That is very interesting. I’d like to run mast at some point, but my bf is ~17% and it’s not likely to get down much lower than 13-15 range anytime soon. But if mast is still very effective at my current percentage I would very much like to hear more. What dose do you run it?


I trust my source. Perhaps very naive on my part but so far all of his products have produced the desired results.

Edit: I see your point, but just because its not produced by pharma doesn’t mean it can’t be reproduced.


400 mg/week with 300 mg Test E. Pinned twice weekly in the same syringe. I’m on my last vial now, so I’m tapering down to 200/week.


What kind of results do you get with that dosage? I know that if you go to a number of other forums you’ll see guys screaming “anything less than Xmg is worthless, bro” but I haven’t heard a lot of rational conversation about keeping doses moderate. If I could get away with 200-300/w I’d legitimately consider it, especially if it meant using less anastrozole for my TRT.


First, let me say that I got my 400/week from an article by Bill Roberts. The Test is what i normally run on a cruise (super high, I know, I know).

I just seem to get more muscle separation and definition. More vascularity.


Wouldn’t your tolerance level (ie: history of usage of the like and others) have an impact on your dosage…which is why some people get the desired results off a certain dosage that others would get off a greater one. And I’m sure some other factors play a role as well.

And yea that makes sense…the chemical compounds aren’t secretive so I guess it would be easy to replicate them…and even strengthen them


Start small then .25 eod but if u dont run a AI on a cycle your playing with fire


Hebrewhero - .25 eod as in what? Sorry, just wasn’t sure what you meant…250mg of the test? Or were you referring to EQ? And if so, 250mg?


Hebrew was talking about your AI.


Yup your AI