Help With Cycle, Test E and Trenbolone

I am 5 7 maybe 5 8 I weigh 155 I’m 20 I’m going to take steriods so far I have enanthate 250 and on Friday I will also have trenbolone am I able to stack this if so please tell me how I would do tht if I cnt stack them please tell me wat I can do I wud ask my supplier wat to do but he scary as hell

I only bench like 165 my squat is 185 my deadlift is 225 nd etc in other words I’m a pussy lol nd I just inherited some serious cash so eating a lot wnt b a problem since I will b able to afford it nd I can also go out to eat nd get nice big meals ik wat I have to eat nd I also have all the time in the world so please help me out nd let me know also let me know wat i shud do for post nd let me know if there is anything I shud take while on the cycle,

my supplier has it all so getting it is cake, I’m going to post a picture get ready to c the frailness lol please help Ty ps I’m not flexing in the picture just showing u wat I got lol

you don’t appear, or from your own self assessment, sound like you have put much consistent effort to attempt to make gains naturally. If you are not willing to eat and stick to a plan for a few years naturally then AAS are not a good idea.
Tren is not generally recommended for a first cycle. A first cycle is generally not recommended for someone with your stats (20yo, 165 bench, 225 deadift.)

I made my best gains between the ages of 20 and 27 naturally. That is not to imply that it would not have been of benefit to use steroids at that time.
You need to do your own homework. Do some research, propose your own cycle. Otherwise, you might be mistaken for a troll.

This is all kinds of stupid. The response you got so far is the nicest anyone will be and is spot on.