Help with Cycle for Over 45

Ok, old newbie here, looking at stacking ontop of my TRT, see what you think?
Aim: lift heavier in the gym, grow bigger, use AAS to recover quicker between workouts.

Stats: 6’5 tall, 104kgs, 18%bf,
3 days aweek in the gym, mainly compound lifts/squats.
AAS: currently on Nebido every 10 weeks, looking at doing the following cycle ontop of the Nebido
Test E 600mg, 300mg twice a week - promote muscle growth
Equipoise 50mg, twice a week - muscle hardness
Winstrol 50mg daily - reduce water retention
10 week cycle, at the end I’ll just carry on with the Nebido for a further 10 weeks, before doing another cycle.

Arimidex on hand if needed, quarter tab 0.25mg EOD.
Any thoughts or suggestions on changes, cheers, Dognutz.

Hi Dognutz, welcome to the forum is this your first cycle?
The cycle you picked is pretty elaborate.
What if you have a bad reaction you won’t know which drug is causing you grief.

Do you know what your dose per week on the Nebido and have you been on it long enough to get bloods so you know what your TT/FT/E2/HCT is?

One of the best first cycles is 500mg/wk for 12 weeks and nothing else. See what that does for you. Then next time add one thing extra. This is a marathon not a sprint.

Is this enough EQ? Seems like a low dose, esp compared to the test

That’s not what EQ is going to do. Winsterol will do that. At this dose, just don’t even bother, especially if it’s just in there for muscle hardness.

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no it does not… it actually does bloat a bit in my experience, especially at this high dose.

So basically what you are doing is a shitton of test and winny…
EQ must be ran at like 1g on this type of cycle for it to do anything.
I would just drop it all and stick to test alone as it doesnt seem you understand what you wanted to achieve with all these compounds.

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I’m going to agree with Hank on this one. You don’t have a solid grasp of what these various compounds do and as such it’s not a great idea to start using them. If you want to blast then your answer is a lot simpler: add anavar for 6-8 weeks, up the test to that 500 range, lift, eat, grow. It’s the lowest impact blast you can run and it’ll work very well if you train and eat right.


Thanks for the advice, I don’t believe 600mg aweek of test is a shitton, maybe it is for Winstrol, will reduce the dose, thanks.

Yes, I agree with under dosing EQ at 50mg aweek, I was just taking it low/slow to see how it goes with me first, before increasing it on a future cycle. Quote me as wrong but isn’t the common dosage for EQ around 200mg -400mg aweek? I’m only going off Llewellyn’s book Anabolics “muscle gained on EQ is not smooth like test, but more defined and solid”, I’ve never used EQ before, so can only go off what I’ve read.

Winstrol, as quoted in Anabolics “promotes muscle growth without water retention”.
I’m not trying to get at anyone, just stating I’ve no experience in these compounds, so all advice well received, I’ll adjust accordingly.

To be honest I’ve never done anything more than test, hence the reason I’m on here to learn. Advice will be greatly appreciated from all, learn what each compound does rather than what I’ve read about.

I’ve never used EQ before, so I was intending on using a low dose to see how I went with it, before increasing on another cycle.

Been on trt test since my 20’s due to not producing test naturally (pituitary gland not working).
Currently on Nebido 1000mg test undecanoate, 4MLS vial once every 10 weeks.

Just finishing a straight test 400 blend cycle, 200mg/ twice a week. Suspect its severely underdosed or fake as it’s done Jack sh$t for me. Ordered more gear from a more reputable supplier according to eroids reviews.

Getting back to the original cycle, will start on only test e and equipoise for the first 4 weeks, see how my body adjusts to that before adding winstrol for the remaining 6 weeks.
Thanks for the advice

Found the problem :joy::joy:

You won’t get anything out of it though. I have a feeling you won’t get side effects or any gains at all with that dose. Especially if you’re running it for 10 weeks. It’s just not going to give you any information at all.

It’s not, but it think you said you’re running that on top of your normal TRT?

i have done 1g of test, 2g of test, and now i am on 350mg of test, and i notice no difference except for my estradiol, so in my book - 500mg is A LOT, and everything over is a shitton, because my experience doesnt show that anything over 350mg does something… for a second cycle, that is a lot of test… if i could do it all over again and i was 17 again, i would squeeze out as much as i can on 250mg.

600mg would be an absolute minimum in my opinion… the common practice is - twice the EQ of test you take… im on 350mg of test, so i take 750mg(just 1cc is 250) of EQ… lots of people take 1000-1200mg of EQ.
We have to look at the context when you read that stuff… Maybe 400mg a week of EQ alone? But if you take test at 500-600, the EQ just wont be noticable. Its like drinking a bottle of vodka and adding a shot of beer and thinking that will make a difference. EQ is just shittier test. It works very simmilar only much worse. If you can tolerate E2, you could just up the dose on test.
So if a person would wanna run 350mg of test and he would think to do 700mg of EQ i could suggest him to just do 500mg of test and no EQ if he is not estradiol sensitive. But on 600mg of test, either you do at least a gram of EQ or you are just wasting your money for nothing.

This is common misconception btw. It actually does bloat and in high dosages it does a lot.
My GF was on 40mg a day and she looked like a dude on 150mg of Anadrol. She bloated 7lbs in a week. Yes, the dosage is extreme for a female, but then again you actually get to see what the drug does.
There is a reason why they switch stan to var in contest time. So why take out a better drug and switch to milder and shittier one? Well, cuz Anavar actually does not bloat you at all. Winny DOES, especially if taken in dosages that are worth taking.
Im not saying its water retention per se, but you get kinda pumped up, a bit stiff and full, and it kinda has that dbol feeling if you are on caloric surplus.
Also, if you are on 600mg of test, you will be holding water. 50mg of winny wont fix that.

Just do 500mg of test for 10-12 weeks and see how it goes. If E2 gets out of whack, you can add 800-1000mg of EQ if you want, but i would never suggest EQ to anyone who doesnt have enough experience.
It does not do ANYTHING other than help test to its work. You wont see ANYTHING different, therefore it can be appreciated only by people who understand the need for slow/steady gains and E2 control.

While this sounds logical its incorrect in process. There is a threshold of effectiveness for each different compound and this is quite simply a waste. @hankthetank89 and @iron_yuppie have harped on it enough so I won’t add more.

Your selection of compounds is simply unwise for a first timer. The test/var combo is by far superior of a selection.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll dial it back for this cycle, quick question, if I go with 350mg of test aweek, what do you guys suggest for a dose of anavar- 50 - 75mg aday?

Anavar has a long half life but I would still split it up into 25mg two times a day if it were me. No need to ho any higher for a first timer. If its a 10 week cycle you are aiming for run it the last 6 weeks and not the first. Monitor BP and symptoms on the high test solo first and if still good add the var.

Would it be worth getting blood work done before, during and after the cycle, to see where my test and e levels are at? Cheers

Before and during, yes. After is not as useful because you’re on trt so assume that once you’ve washed out everything else you’d still be hanging around your normal baseline.

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Before really does help you baseline your TRT levels. SHGB/TT/FT/E2/HCT/ lipid panel

During, If you choose TE it reaches steady-state in about 22 days I like to test 22-25 days in to see what my peak TT/FT/E2/prolactin (E2 and prolactin to see if bitch tits are on their way) I don’t check anything else so a mini test. T cyp steady-state is 40 days so I wait the 40-45 days and test the same.

Post blast (research the drugs you did to know when they have all cleared) is nice to know if you returned back to normal TRT blood levels . I never did. SHGB is now 15 from 24-29. Lipids will be trashed for 2 months. HCT (blood thickness/%) might require a blood donation. To get it back under 52%

How much you pay for that? You can get a basic bber panel from discount labs that has all those things for like $170. Not sure if that is more economical it not?