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Help with Cutting Workouts


Advice needed...

Obviously with a good diet in place, I have been using Waterbury's full body workouts 3x a week. Thing is, it's not been much good for either maintaining muscle (I'm prepared to lose a little) nor for cutting fat.

What's a better approach please?


I think "cutting routines" are stupid.

What you need to do is train the same way that you did on your bulk but with reduced cals.


The best methods to prevent loss of LBM while dieting are hypertrophy based approaches. Personally, I keep my weight sessions to a 4 day body part split, hard and heavy, usually around 5-6 reps, lots of compound work (with some pre-exhaust as needed).

The weight loss will be the result of your diet, and cardio. Yes, the weight work will keep your BMR up, but it shouldn't really vary from what you're doing when trying to 'get big'.

For myself, I doubt a full body workout 3x a week would build, let alone even maintain my level of muscle mass.



Thank you my man. I KNEW it wasn't right but kept giving it a chance
- AND the 4x a week thing was what I was doing before cutting. (Although I don't have your level of muscle mass)