Help with Cutting Up

Sup fellow T-maggers… I come here to ask for help. I’ve been on The Get Big Diet for a month and a half. I’ve gained a decent amount of muscle but quite a bit of fat at the same time. I was wondering wat I could do to get rid of all the fat and retain all or most of my muscle mass… any suggestions would be greatly appreciate… btw im 18 years old at 210 pounds, 6 feet

The first thing would be to incorporate some HIIT like the jump rope or sprints. That usually helps me. A question for you would be: what’s your diet like now? Your routine? Your BF%?

Depending upon your BF%, you could consider 5x5 or Meltdown training. However I now see you have "gained quite a bit of fat" - so does this mean you are above 12-14%? If so, Meltdown would be the way to go. Also, if you haven't yet, begin a Food Journal. That'll help you better grasp what you're eating and how it affects you.

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There are several good fat-loss programs on the FAQ page. Try one.