Help with Cutting Cycle

Hey Everyone, nice to meet u all. This is my first post here.
I would like to share my cutting steroid cycle with hope u share ur experience with me and give me your feedback, i have been through steroids cycles before but this first time without trainer, so i appreciate ur help
Weeks (1-8) only
Tren A: 100 mg EOD
Test P: 100 mg EOD
Winny injectable: 100 mg EOD

I could add primo/ eq 400 mg/ week.
So this good one though !

Plus i really appreciate if any help me with PCT.

Curious as to what your starting height/weight/body fat% are and what your trying to get down to?

Also what are the lengths of the compounds being run

Too short for primo or eq. I would be inclined to lower both tren and winstrol a bit unless you have a solid background in these compounds.

Height: 173 cm
Weight: 73 kg
BF%: 18%

My plan is to cut my fats down to 10% in 8 weeks
Thanks for your reply

You don’t need that type of gear with those stats bro. Way over kill.

Even with gear is it possible to lose 8% BF in 8 weeks?

Thats how i look today

So whats ur advise?

Return the gear and learn proper nutrition first.



I will supply return address.

To the OP. Your no where near the point of needing gear especially the gear you have listed. You need a few more years in the gym and as sing said in the kitchen then you will appreciate much more what gear has to offer.

Not to mention if your diet and training is shit all the tren and test in the world won’t help you get anywhere.

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You gear whore.


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is this a troll post?

Thanks guys for your help, appreciate it