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Help with Current On-Cycle Test/Var/HCG

Mates, I need some help with the end of my cycle. I recently came across HCG and Anavar. Currently on Test E 300mg and on week 7 and have put on 12 pounds with very little added bodyfat or water weight as Iâ??ve avoided the bloated look.

I am wanting to modify my cycle to this:
1-10 weeks: Test E â?? 300mg/EW
2-10 weeks: Aromasin â?? 1/4cc which is 6mg/ED instead of 12.5mg/EOD
7-12 weeks: Anavar â?? 50mg/ED (thought this will be good to take while bridging to PCT and cutting me down)
8-12 weeks: HCG â?? 500iu/EW (250iu x2 weekly and will stop 5 days before PCT starts)
12-16 weeks: Nolva 40/20/20 (donâ??t have enough for another week or I could do 20/20/20/20)

Does this look good, especially with Var and HCG additionsâ?¦. Should I use HCG into the PCT weeks as well? Also, should I continue to take Aromasin after my last Test pin? I donâ??t want to get any sides while waiting for the Test levels to decrease before PCT.

Thanks for your help.

looks alright, I would run the AI to atleast the end of week 12. Id stop the HCG before PCT as you have it. PCT should be from weeks 13-17 or in your case 16 as you only have 3 weeks worth. Anavar is not going to cut you down, thats controlled by diet. Otherwise seems fine to me.