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Help With Creatine


Hey guys,
I am in boarding school, and a dorm faculty, who's a certified physical therapist, just learned that I am taking creatine. I passed by her today and said hello, asked how she feels, and she replied, "Good, until I learned you're taking creatine. We gotta talk."
I said okay...

I've read David Barr's articles and a lot of other creatine-related articles/research, primarily because my track team mates thinks creatine ONLY makes you retain more water (but I've found a article saying the water-to-LBM ratio didn't change while subjects were taking the substance. LOL. I believe I am ready to tackle any of her arguments, but in case I get empty-handed...

Over a few days, I'll post her arguments and mine. Please stay tuned...and help a young T-Nation brother!


I suggest you kill her and go on the run, all you need is creatine anyway..

Everyone knows it's the most potent steroid out there.

Just hit the road with your creatine and you'll still get hyyyyyoooooooojjjjjj.

But it'll all be water weight, right?

People are dumb, rise above.


I still can't believe that anybody's that stunned... nevermind people who are supposed to be trained in this field. I thank my lucky stars I've never run into one of those monkeys.

How old are you, Wu? Boarding School? Not to sound like I'm defending the faculty member -- but is your diet even in order yet?


How much training/study in nutrition is required to obtain a physical therapist's certification? Does she keep up on the relevant literature, or any related to sports nutrition or general nutrition for that matter? Can she produce any research to support any claims that she may make that creatine is bad, dangerous, etc.?


Do some research, print out some serious journal articles, and prep for the discussion she wants to have.


We have therapists at my gym and honestly they're fucking retards when it comes to training and nutrition. I remember when I was in a highschool p.e class one day and the teacher asked me if I took any supps.

I responded creatine, protein, glutamine and 30 jaws dropped like I just pulled my dick out and started pissing on the teachers desk. From then on out I was labeled as the schools "go to guy" for hardcore protein. I'd take the Craig Titus advice and kill her and then split.


I'm sure that a lot of these therapists, dieticians, etc. are handed literature, either while they're in school or elsewhere, that contains a lot of bogus information. And no question about it, there's some less than accurate information circulating on creatine.

As a Type I diabetic, I've had to deal with a lot of dieticians and it is unbelievable just how clueless many of these individuals are when it comes to diet and supplementation. I had one dietician inform me that I could cause some irreversible damage to my kidneys by using creatine. I responded that I had yet to read or learn of any such information and offered to provide her with a few studies that stated otherwise. She promised to email the study to me that documented her claim. I never received it. Big suprise.

Obviously I know that there is some bogus literature circulating on creatine. Out of curiousity, who funds most of the studies that cast a negative light on creatine as a safe supplement?


Do what you want if you can keep them from finding out. Interested in seeing her arguments though they will no doubt be unsubstantiated research. But what event in track do you run? If you're a distance runner, creatine won't do much if anything for you. If you're a sprinter or a throweer or shotputter then it can be beneficial.


Would you then take a nap?

(Sorry but I can't get all that sleeping that you do out of my mind- 16 hours per day YIKES!)


I'd really need to know your age before I comment on your creatine use. Since the body produces creatine it might not be a great idea to be using this supplement if you are a young teen. Especially in light of the fact that you have not maxed out ANY of your other options.


The only negative study I've heard about was a French study a couple years back. It was absolutely -blasted- within a couple months of its release for the blatant bias and utter lack of controls in performing the study. An absolutely shoddy piece of work.

Yet, of course, it's touted as proof that creatine is dangerous. What an utter load of crap. Most people are stupid, dangerous sheep. They'll jump to support information, no matter how blatantly flawed, so long as it supports their position, since it requires less effort than opening one's mind.

And I'm with Zeb. We haven't heard a thing about this kid's nutrition, sleep schedule, etc. Never mind his age.


It usually hovers around 12-13 hrs. Recovery is as good as it gets. Can train each bodypart every 2-3 days.