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Help with Cracking Shoulders


I seem to have some shoulder problems which concerns me: If I move my shoulder blades in circular motion without any weight they start cracking very loudly. I don't feel any pain but it must be bad, since the cartilage between the joints (probably the glenohumeral joint) is rubbing against each other. Do any of you have this experience? And have any of you found a solution on how to fix it?

My external and internal rotators of the shoulder (rotator cuff musculature) seems quite tight, I've been exercising the rotator cuff a lot, and I do still have some upper cross syndrome (abducted shouders) I'm working on. Also I do have a bit of a kyphotic posture, so perhaps the surface of my ribs on my ribcage are the cause of the cracking?

I would really like to Figure out how to stop this from happening. It can't be natural or healthy to have popping sounds like that?? I've had it for probably 10 years and I'm 24 years old now.

I hope some of you can help me out.