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Help with Correct Amount of Testosterone to Draw

Hey guys so I’m not 100% sure if I’m doing this correct or not so some guidance would be great. I have a 200mg 5ml vial of testosterone which was perscirbe to me and I’m using U-100 0.5ml insulin needles to inject. My dosage is 100mg a week divided into two 50mg shots… So in order for me to draw 50mg per shot should I be drawing out to 25 mark on my insulin syringe?

What do the markings on the syringe say? Does it go from 0 to 100? Or 0 to 50?

.25 ml or half the syringe would be 50mg on a syringe capacity of. 5 ml. If you fill the entire syringe to .5 ml, that would be 100mg as everything is double when injecting from a 200mg vial.

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Also what is your weekly prescription in milligrams 100 mg per week?

Hey sublime, its 0 to 50 and my weekly dosage is 100mg per week

Ok so then the whole syringe should r be filled. 100 mg is 0.5 ml. (If you’re doing 1 injection per week) or half syringe if you’re doing 2 injections per week.

0.5 ml = 50 units on your syringe.

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