Help with Conditioning Program

Sorry for my english!

Okay, I have been working out for about 2 years now, Im 20 years old and right now Im about 14-15 % body fat. i weigh 192 lbs or 88 kg. i´ve been rocking up and down in weight for the last 2 years, the first year i was 242 lbs/110 kg, and lost about 48 lbs/22kg. Since then i´ve been lifting heavy and hard. I always bring it hard, and i come here everyday and read articles and surf around tnation.

So i know what to do in the gym but, i was wondering if it was a good idea to take few weeks of lifting weights and to some HIIT running? and maybe throwing in some core and mobility work in, because i pulled a muscle in my lower back and Im trying to get some core Im my ab and loosen up my hips.

So basically am wondering what you guys are doing for conditioning/fat loss? without having to to do exercises that puts a load on my lower back? 4 days of 20 min HIIT running and 3 - 4 hours on core and mobility?

Again, sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Hi buddy,

Your English is very good.

So anyway, what are your goals? Are you playing any particular sport? What do you want to achieve?

Mobility should be worked on most days before lifting. Look up “agile 8” for an idea. Only takes 15 minutes and the benefits are notable.

The conditioning will vastly depend on your goals. But in general I would recommend 2 sessions a week. Maybe one session with HIIT running and another on the bike or dB complexes. Or maybe one session a week of HIIT and another session a week of steady state cardio? It all just depends on your goals and current training program.

Uncle Bird.


thanks for the advice! ill begin by doing 3 conditioning sessions a week, one HIIT running, one db complexes and one steady cardio, mobility work before and after every workout. And of course workout five days.

Im only looking for good looks and good health, i play allot of sports, football/soccer, basketball, judo and everything that is teached in my school, but there are no teams here, only training. I finish school this summer so ill be going in the city and hopefully competing in the sport Im best in there.