Help with Clomid PCT

First off I’m 22, 6’0, 180 lbs as of now. Been training on and off for 5-6 years, biggest I’ve been was 190 pretty lean id say under 10%. I got some Test Cypionate through a prescription. I plan on cycling as follows.

week 1: 100mg
week 2: 200mg
week 3: 300mg
week 4-8: 400mg
week 9: 300mg
week 10: 200mg
week 11: 100mg

Main reason I want to pyramid is so that I can gauge my reaction to Test since I have not ever taken it before and do not want any drastic side affects to spring up suddenly. And the reason I don’t want to go up over 400-500mg is because I don’t want to explode and have everyone notice I am on steroids. To further more hide this, I will be eating very clean as to not get fucking massive, just build lean mass.

Throughout I plan on taking .25 arimidex every 3 days, and increasing dosage as needed.

I also got my hands on some clomid for pct, my question is when should I start taking the clomid and what dosages would you recommend for my cycle? Thank you.

Your cycle is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

This is terrible as well. You won’t “explode” on half a gram of test a week, and the average person knows so little about what’s achievable on steroids that if anyone asks you just say some shit like you’ve upped your calories or started taking creatine.

There’s no point in running such a small amount of test. Your first 2 weeks are practically a replacement dose for your natural test, so that’s not going to do anything particularly exciting, then you’ve got 3 weeks of supraphysiological test levels (not long enough for the esters really to do much) before you just taper back down to the replacement dose.

If I held a gun to your balls and told you there was like a 1/100 chance I’m going to shoot your nuts off, but if I don’t then you win a million bucks, I bet you’d think about it, eh? But, if I held a gun to your balls and said you’d only win 5 bucks then you’d not. That’s what you’re doing with this cycle - you’re risking your balls for very little reward.

Don’t risk your balls for nothing.


Hmm. Well I’ve read lots of people cycling on 200mg/week and they get good results. Maybe not 30lbs but 10-15. And if I’m injecting weekly won’t it compound ? Honestly just from the 100mg which was 3 days ago, I can already feel that i can train with much much higher intensity, and my appetite is already through the roof. Also found a pimple on my chin which i haven’t seen in years anywhere on my face. So how can the 100mg be doing nothing and just replacing my natural T?

Also, many of my friends are smart enough to know creatine gains and what is because of steroids and what not. Only really new lifters can be fooled with that bullshit.

Bro, why are you arguing? Yogi is telling you the truth. You just shouldn’t cycle, you have no clue what you are doing and when you get good advice, you’re arguing.

Give it up.

How am I arguing? He didn’t answer any of the questions i asked? I didn’t ask if it was a good cycle or not.

also, if i knew what i was doing i wouldn’t be asking. If you have nothing constructive to say please refrain any further. Im here for help not shit talking.

well good luck with it all

Yes. Hence, a single shot of 100mg gives you less than TRT levels.

Which means…

If you are noticing these effects so soon and it’s not all in your head, you could have had low T levels from the start. You probably should stop now and get blood work in a few weeks.

Then stop talking shit. I gave you good advice.

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I wasn’t? jeez your one of those guys that goes around thinking they are superior to everyone don’t you

So what if I did another 300mg today (3 days later), and starting Monday did 400mg/week from here on out. Would that be ok?

yes, that’d be fine

20 characters, dawg

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