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Help with Clen Please

Ok guys, I am brand new to the illegal supplementation business.
Been training for 3 years, weigh 225lbs, aiming to get down to 185-190lbs- where I should be ripped as fuck- good for the confidence and what not, but more importantly I will be able to compete in a new division for kickboxing.
I went a bit off the rails during the last part of last year, after having lost 30kgs (yes I used to be a huge ass mofocker) and put 10kg back on, partly due to medical conditions I would rather not talk about.

Anyways, to the point:
Would someone be able to provide a scheme/programme for the use of clenbuterol or albuterol? And which one is preferable to someone wanting fastest fat loss

Thanks for your replies in advance, sorry this was extremely rushed so I probably missed a lot

I don’t have actual experience with clen, but 2 on / 2 off seems very popular or 2 on 1 week off + ketotifen or Diphenhydramine hydrochloride to upregulate receptors as clen downregulate b2-receptors, everyone is different, you will have to work out dosages based on how much you can tolerate safely, but start at 20mcg/day for the first week then build it up, also remember it has a 36 hour half life so be careful