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Help with Clen Dosage


I hear so many different things about clenbuterol so its hard to know who i can trust and what the dosage should be. I have never used it before, but I have used ECA many times (maybe to many). Im currently buying “supplements” for my diet (starts in 8weeks). Im going to cycle testo enanthate and trenbolone acetate. Ill kick the cycle of with dianabol the first 4weeks. Femera or Adex while "on" and clomid for pct. Ill also us T3 at 12,5mcg for 4weeks.

I see many people do ECA for 2 weeks and clen for 2 weeks, and so on…

Is this a good way to use clen, and if so, what about the dosages?

Im swedish by the way, and this is my first post here.


I’ve only used clen a few times, but this protocol came from some experienced guys on this board. It goes something like this:


doeses in mcg per day, all at once. By the way, from experience, take LOTS of taurine and potassium or you will cramp like crazy. Or at least I did until I bumped taurine to 7 grams a day and ate lots of bannanas. Some people advocate 10g a day of taurine.

If it were me, I’d stay away from clen and opt for some HOT-ROX by Biotest… and no that’s not a plug to promote biotest products… the stuff just flat out works.


To follow up what mike said, I am now using HOT-ROX over clen, personally. I’m not saying the sides are too harsh for me to use again, but HOT-ROX is pretty good, with no sides and no legal issues. Not sure about the law in sweden though. It might be easier to get clen than hr.

Tnx folks


I’m taking HOT-ROX right now, but I have some leftover clen from my stash.

Although I’m looking through the search engine, has anyone tried (recently) to stack Clen with the HOT-ROX?

I’m trying to figure out how best to use it and/or if I use it at all with the HOT-ROX…

My diet is mostly T-Dawg with a heavy influence of the Velocity Diet that Shugs is going through.(I eat oats+berries every morning, then shakes the rest of the day)…

So far, so good!