Help with Choosing the Right Workout

First of all, I’d like to Introduce myself. My name is Mauro and i’ve been reading this forums for 6 months but never had the time/necessity to post.
Now I come to you with an urgent need to correct my training.
I practise BJJ 3 times a day (tue/thu/fri or sat PM). Since the other days i’m at work at those hours, my only choice to do weightlifting is in the early mornings (I work from 10 to 16 everyday and then go to uni).
Now the questions is:

  1. I’m doing the 5/3/1 workout with a 3 day split. My BJJ coach advised me to add power cleans/snatches, box jumps and sprints to compliment my training (i know how to do oli. lifts). So how can i add those excersises to the training regime? Would other workout program be better for me?
  2. What else would you reccomend (in terms of training, supplementation) me to maintain a good energy level? (i sometimes feel tired at uni or at work.

Thank you all in advance for your help, and sorry about my caveman english.

There is no ‘right’ workout. There never will be. All too often we are so saturated with labels and awesome names for workouts that we forget that hard work is really the missing ingredient. If you don’t know Dan Gable, google him before reading further. Ok. Dan Gable is the greatest wrestler in American history. He lifted weights, and was strong as a bull. Do you know what he did? Pushups, jump roping, pullups, and pulling on spring loaded handles.

I’ll even go as far as to say, you don’t REALLY need a weightlifting program to improve your MMA. Would it help? Absolutely, but still not necessary.

Snatches and cleans and jerks all became popular for MMA fighters to use when the deliberation of the topic of fast twitch muscles became overwhelmingly popular. Of course they are. It’s necessary for explosiveness, a paramount attribute for any grappling and striking disciplines. However, I don’t believe its the actual oly lifting that provides you with the gusto in the clinch… It’s the idea of fast movement. Moving faster and faster in the direction in which you want to go with greater force. You can not have speed without mass, nor mass without speed… The better you correlate the two in harmony, the more devastating explosion you concur.

An oly lift must be done with speed. Without speed, not only does it not look aesthetically pleasing, but the amount of potential power is severely limited.

Compare that to a double leg takedown. Or even a simple stand up in folkstyle wrestling. (I understand these can be performed slower with more technicality, but straying away from tangent) If you shot in on someones legs at about half speed, your opponent will see you coming a mile away and will most likely counter you. On the other hand, set it up, pull a russian, and EXPLODE into his legs… start DRIVING up even before he knows that your deep in, and whip yourself into side control…

This has just inspired me for a blog.
Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your reply man!
The main reason that i’m asking is that in my gym the instructors dont know shit (they only make you workouts for bodybuilding) and i’d like a planned workout program to complement.
Since you said oly lifts are not that important. would it be better and more time efficient if i just run sprints and do some pilometrics after the workout?

This is really the kind of situation you need to play around with.
First off I’d say you need clarity on what is most important to you (BJJ weights) in terms of the improvements you want to see. Assuming its the former I’d cut the weights sessions to twice weekly, forget 531.

First workout of the week squat and Bench press, second workout of the week deadlift and Military press. I’d say if your making progress on those lifts you can spend the rest of your time doing your JJ, hill sprints twice a week wouldn’t hurt.
Just my thoughts, based on my experience.
Hope this helps. J