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Help With Chin-Ups and Push-Ups

Anyone have any suggestions?
I’m totally out of shape where do I start?
Have started dieting and see some results.Need more muscle strength.

And where are u now ? NOT able to do at least one chinup/pullup ?
What advice exactly do you need ?

Well, start up with usual protocol - 3 times per week, bodyweight squat, pushup, pullup. Just those three will do t the beggining.
Do them once as
3times your max of squats
3times your max of pushups
3times your max of pullups

Rest about 1 minute between attampts.
Do this for two weeks.
Next week do something like
(max squats, max pushups, max pullups) rest a minute and repeat 3times.

Do this with different numbers and combinations (different hand position, speed of repetition etc.) for month or two, after that throw some abdominal excercise, change pullups to chinups etc.
Walk a lot.
When you will be able to do 20 pushups, 5 pullups, 50 squats at once, let us know. Or better study in meantime here on tnation. Lots of advanced stuff here, but lots of stuff ofr beginers like you as well.
Do not worry about progress, just do it and do it consistently.
Good luck you are on the way !


A good place to start is vroom’s Are You A Beginner thread.


Read through that and check out the articles that are linked to; then come back with more specific questions.

Welcome to T-Nation by the way! I can’t emphasize enough how much info is available in the Archives. The search engine will also bring up a lot of hits for any general area of questions you might have.