Help with Chest

So I need a bit of advice on some effective chest exercises that I can do. First I’ll list my limitations. I just had surgery on my ass, there is an open wound there that will remain that way until it heals (approx. 8 weeks or so). Also I just finished recovering from triceps tendonitis, so I feel like it would be a good idea to somewhat limit heavy pushing (correct me if I’m wrong).

Anyways I cant do anything involving sitting on a bench (dumbell flyes, dumbbell presse, incline presses, etc) However, although there is considerable pain I can bench press. I will use this as my main movement and I would like to do 3 working sets, maybe more if I feel my tendon will allow it.

I know I can do cable crossovers, however I’m unsure as to how effective they will be for building mass (obviously isolation movements). Any creative ideas or personal favorites?

Why do this to yourself? Just heal, recover, and then get back into it. It sounds like you’re letting your ego get the best of you; you need to reign that in. Your health comes first.

I also know you’ll probably ignore this advice.

EDIT: I make that statement based on the fact that you’re just getting back from some tricep tendonitis, and that your bench press is really painful… but it sounds like you’re still doing it anyway.

Weighted pushups, pushups on gymnastic rings, dips

Just saw your edit Lorez. Haha believe it or not I actually took time off from benching and pressing movements. 6 weeks or so, at this time I also went to physical therapy. last week I actually took the whole week off from everything cause I could barely walk so I did allow adequate rest time. Atleast I would like to believe that. Also from a mass building standpoint will cable crossovers or weighted push ups help build a bigger chest? My chest is def. a sticking point (not that anything else really stands out though).

Honestly, whatever stimulates the pecs will build a bigger chest. It really comes down to what movements that are most mechanically advantageous for you. For some people, bench press builds a big chest. For other people, bench press won’t do much for their chest, but it will hit their triceps and anterior deltoid.

There are too many variables to say what will work best for you. You’re going to have to do some experimenting to find movements that work to stimulate YOUR chest, and that don’t aggravate your existing issues.

As far as exercises you could try out to stimulate the pecs: barbell and dumbbell bench press (flat/incline/decline), dips, cable crossover, weighted pushups, db or machine flyes, pec dec, etc. Not a complete list at all. There are many variations on techniques for most of those too, in terms of elbows in vs flared, hand positions, width, and so on.

So, short answer: cable crossovers and weighted pushups can build mass on some people. They might work for you. And the only person who can answer that is you. If you want to find movements to build the chest, make sure that your chest is actually being worked by them. This is basically the idea of mind-muscle connection (MMC) in bodybuilding. If you can feel the muscle being worked by the movement, then you’re working that muscle.

And a final note… just a general rule: if you’re doing something and its actually painful, stop doing it unless directed otherwise (by a doctor or PT).

And a final final note… isolation movements build muscle too. Not just compound movements.

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