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Help with Chest

I have somewhat of a pigeon chest and the concavity of it makes it look like my pecs are smaller than what they are. Whats the best way to fill out the middle of your chest and your lower pecs?

Secondly, despite my primary goal being to gain mass, whats the best way to train your abs. I’ve heard to get good abs when I finally do get around to a shredding is to do resistance training as per any other muscle; so that I do sit ups with a large weight on my chest opposed to doing sets of 50 sit ups unaided. Thoughts?

Also, my diet is shit because I live in a University Hall where meals are provided so the lack of protein means I have to have at least 2 shakes a day. Is the best time for these shakes prior to bed because the muscle growth and repair is done at night?


As your chest gets bigger the middle will fill out. You could use a closer grip width but you chest will grow and fill it in regardless. For the lower chest: Decline Bench Press/Decline DB Press

To get bigger abs its like any other muscle. E.g. You do 30 situps, next time you do 31, or use weight resistence, or less rest in between. Always progress the lift just like any other body part.

Depends on the shake. If your using whey protein the best time is immediately after your workout. If its a slow acting protein like casein it would be best before bed.

Pigeon chest in an actual chest deformity. I doubt that’s what you have be look it up…the middle of your chest is your ribcage…no offense but from you profile stats you might just have a lot of fat in that area…

If you can do 50 sit-ups it’s more than time to add resistance. There are MANY good articles on abs on this site, look it up.

If by shake you mean whey protein then I’d say the 3 best times to consume one would be first thing in the morning because you’re fasted, post-workout with carbs and before bed even tho as it has been said, it’s better to have a slow acting protein like casein at night.

thanks for the replies

as for my profile saying i have alot of body fat I just don’t know an exact number but I’d imagine it to be in the 17-18% range

looking at pics on the net i imagine i’d be more around the 14-16 range.

anyway this is all the answers i needed so i guess we can call this thread closed.