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Help with Chest Acne on TRT

Mar. 15, 2018 Before Starting TRT
Total Test: 440
Free Test: 85.6
Estradiol: 32

Initial TRT Protocal:
Day 1: 1CC IM
Day 2: HCG 25 Units SQ
Day 3: Anastrazole 1/2mg
Day 4: Nothing
Day 5: Nothing
Day 6: HCG 25 Units SQ
Day 7: HCG 25 Units SQ

Aug. 5, 2018 Results
Total Test: 1229
Free Test: 322
Estradiol: 37

I’ve been on TRT for just over a year. After about 4 months on it I started getting chest acne and nothing has seemed to help so far. My doctor put me on doxycycline last Nov. and that didn’t seem to help. On February, she switched my dose to 1/2 cc a week from 1 cc a week and upped my HCG from 25 to 40 units and also gave me a month prescription of doxycycline again. It didn’t completely clear up but they didn’t seem to flare up as bad as they were. I also started taking another 1/2mg of anastrazole on Day 5.

April 21, 2019 Results:
Total Test 445
Free Test 116.8
Estradiol 16

Other things I have tried that I continue to use are Nizoral A-D Ketoconazole Shampoo on my chest and a body wash with 2% Salicylic Acid. Just a few days ago I got some pads that have 2% Salicylic Acid applying 3x a day.

I spoke with her about my latest blood work this morning and the acne. I told her it seems like my energy levels and libido have dropped since switching to the half dose and she told me to slowly increase my dose by 20 increments per week. A friend recommended that I should split the dose into twice a week instead of once and switch to sub q.

For the acne, she said she could put me on Aldactone or a prescription cream. Reading up on Aldactone, that seems to have some bad side affects such as lower libido and breast growth in men. I’m waiting to hear back from her on what type of cream she recommends.

The acne is just very frustrating to the point where I’ve thought about getting off TRT all together. I’ve finally lost a lot of weight and feel like I’m looking good yet still embarrassed when I take off my shirt due to the acne.

Any recommendations?