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Help With Cheap Whey Taste

I still have some cheap whey left, and this stuff is nasty. Its the cheap stuff from walmart and like someone else said it taste like drywall mud! I have tried a blender but still is not good! I mix it with milk, I was wondering if your suppose to use water, this is the chocolate stuff.

Some help on mixing would be appreciated, I almost puked last time b/c i but whey, creatine, and powerdrive all in one and tasted like someone put tange flavored cool-aid in a bucket of drywall mud. I only drank half and puked, I am going to get some better protein once I run out.

berries, carrots, apples/flaxseed anything

i use unflavoured whey, and with the flax seeds it#s a little like biscuit mix

This stuff is choclate, so I cant change the flavor, and I ant to use this stuff first. If I mix fruits in it, it would taste worse.

Only other things that can be suggested is throw it out, or use some light chocolate syrup.

I tried syrup once, still was horrible, I decided to use the cheap stuff for protein bars, actually not half bad, even though I use a shitload of peanut butter and oats to take away the flavor. I also used sugar, which I know is not good for me…

try to enhance the chocolate taste with some powder cocoa or some chocolate powder mix like ovaltine which is a good post workout carb source since it as a good amount of sugar and maltodextrin.

If that dont work put some Sugar free fat free pudding mix in it… You can find the flavors chocolate fudge or chocolate at your local walmart.

I hope this helps…

Sugar-free jello pudding mix can work wonders.

I love the chocolate whey protine from walmart, cheep and deliciouse, one thing I would recomened is mix with chocolate milk.

I throw a kool-aid packet in anything that tastes like crap and it works like a charm. This includes BCAA mixes.

  • cocoa, a banana, some coffee and blend with milk.

  • oatmeal (cooked and cooled), cottage cheese, protein and blend. If its too thick, add some water and pulse some more until the desired consistancy.

  • Post training: choc icecream, milk and blend

  • post training: Condensed milk (a few tablespons), coffee, protein, ice, and blend.

Im sure you can think of something.

If it’s disgusting and low-quality then you probably don’t stand to benefit from having it around. Just throw it out and order some delicious, nutritious Surge.

John S.
It is not good!!!

Ive tried syrup still is nasty, I will wait until this is out and use some Metabolic Drive or Grow!