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Help with Carb Cycling Codex


So I have been told by numerous friends who are trainers to carb cycle. I am good with that idea because I am meticulous about logging my food. However I was looking for a good example and CT's Carb Cycling Codex was awesome and in depth but I just feel like its missing a few fine points.

First of all, the amount of fat while trying to gain weight seems stupidly out of proportion, good fats or not. I use his equation and came out with 3,456 Kcal for adding mass. I weight 160, so that is 240 g Protein at 1.5 g per lb of bodyweight. I weigh 160. To determine a moderate day carbs should be the same as protein according to his article.

So that gives me a 1,536 Kcal deficit. According to that article its supposed to be made up as healthy fats. That't 170 grams of FAT! As well its supposed to be eaten in three meals, based on his meal split based on when you train (I train Mid-Morning or Noonish). So any suggestions as to whether or not this is correct, and if it is, how in HELL am I supposed to get that much fat in one meal...


you can add some fat to your other meals. you can also eat fatty cuts of meat like pork chops and ground round. for the P+F meals in the codex he also says you count the fat from your protein sources toward your daily macros. look at the suggested foods part.


Ok, I mean I know I can get the fat, but I just wasn't sure if the plan hinged on the fats being eaten at certain times of the day. What about that 170 g's, that too much?


no it looks right to me

3456cal - 960cal from Protein - 960cal from carbs= 1536/9= 170.6g fat. yours supposed to have 3 P+C meals and 3 P+F meals.


OK, I am not afraid of fat, but that high of an amount just kind of took me by surprise. I appreciate the input.

Maybe something else you might have an opinion on. CT gives you the percentages of carbs and when you should eat them. 25% upon waking, 50% post workout, 25% with the post-workout meal (90min after workout). What should the breakdown be on non-training days when i drop the carbs? Maybe 50% in the morning, then 25 and 25 with subsequent meals?


cjinscore, I had a similar problem, only reversed. If I add 1.5g/lb of protein and carbs, and subtract my BMR, get a negative number of grams of fat. My joints get cranky if I eat <40g fat/day, so I ended up going with only 1g of carbs and 1.25g of protein. You could maybe do the opposite, especially your peri-workout carbs if you are doing enough hard training.


for nono training days CT said to break them down evenly among your first 3 meals. he said that in the thread about the article.


How old are you? How tall?


I am 23, and 5'10"


do you have a link for that thread? I'd love to check it out.


Numbers are right. You have to realize that a tablespoon of oil is about 13g.

And yes, I always had most of my carbs in the morning on my off days.

Also, you are 5'10 and 160 lbs. You need all the calories you can get. You are small.

What program are you doing?


here you go


it shouldnt be that hard. saute some veggies in 4 tbsp oil thats 56g right there. do that 3 times and you got 168g


its hard to get all those calories in at the times when its needed. i am a college student and i work at a restaurant. i cant just whip put my meal and eat in the middle of my shift or class.

i know 160 is small for my height, ideally i want to be 175 with bf% of 8-10. i am always open to any advice.

as far as training i am doing OVT. friend of mine who is a trainer recommended it.


Just get them in, that's the most important thing. Second is to get them at times they can maximize training. I feel very productive lately getting 50-60% of my cals withing a couple hours before and after training. Snacking isn't that hard either, peanuts or a shake during a bathroom break? I do this a lot. Plus the way I figure is if those jerks are allowed to have a smoke break then I'm allowed to have a food break.


i totally feel you on the smoke break. can i still gain weight with the carb cycling? my big thing is trying to be as lean as possible. my bf% is 14 and i dont want it any higher. so i want to get leaner and add lean muscle. i know this is a much longer process. and i am dedicated to it. i have already made it my lifestyle as much as i can and i am determined to be the best i can be.


You will need ALL the calories you can get with the OVT program.

Just find a way to get the calories, be consistent, change your exercise every 4 weeks (as per program) and do it for at least 6 months.

In a couple years, you will laugh on how easy it was to actually eat "that much".

Good luck.


So is the carb cycling a good idea with the OVT? or should i just be shooting for massive calories in general? thanks for the support by the way. i guess like i said my main concern is to pack on that mass, with the absolute LEAST amount of fat as possible.