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Help With Camp Food


I'm going to basketball camp for 2 weeks and i made a thread before in beginners about it and as i read it PGA200X brought up a good point. What can i do for food?

THis is what im eating at camp for lunch (at 11:45ish)
- 2 turkey sandwhiches on a white roll (i throw out one of the rolls and double up the turkey onto one roll. I also put a little lettuce on the sandwhich.)
- 2 rather large bananas
- an apple
- an orange
- if im still hungry ill have another turkey sandwhich.
- they have dessert which i dont eat unless its an italian ice.

The foods i have a choice from that i dont have are: ham and cheese burgers, french fries, hot dogs, and every day a different special. i think theres pizza, macaroni and cheese, breaded chicken patty's, and tacos (this is my first year so idk if theres anything else).

Than at 3-4 oclock when ever i finish my 2nd game i eat a Grow! bar, than i come home and eat dinner.

IS there anything i can change, add, fix? I am 135-140, 13 and 5'6 or 7.

Thanks alot



Eat everything you can....all the time. It sounds like you will have a 3 meal a day provided put your bars between all the meals


You're young and light. For two weeks, just make do with what's available and eat to fill your hunger. You need your energy to play basketball.


...and to keep growing.