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Help With Bulking Foods


Hi, I live in england, and im basically trying to gain weight.

I have 20 quid to spend on FOOD, just wondering what i should get, im thinking:cottage cheese, oat cakes and penuts.

Anything else that i should get to help me gain quality size




Oatcakes ? Are you in Staffs ? Just get what you can afford, frozen chicken pieces, walnuts, cottage cheese,lean beef mince, yoghurt, milk etc.


Eggs. Eggs are quite cheap for the protein that they give you.


what the above stated and milk.


peanuts are good -- mix rainens with them. Get tuna and mix the hard boiled eggs in the tuna. Milk is good. Shop at a warehouse club like Sams club and buy in bulk.


skimmed milk?


I honestly have no idea what a quid is...but I can usually get cheap 80%lean ground beef for a very reasonable price.



Quid is to a pound what buck is to a dollar.


Cottage cheese, eggs, milk, peanuts/almonds, bulk chicken/turkey, cheesestrings snacks, peanut butter, yogurt, tins of tuna...these are all great things to get protien from for cheap.