Help with Bulking Cycle?

Hey there, currently on week 6 of my cycle with a few questions.

This was my cycle
Test cyp 375mg 1-4, 4-12 800mg+
Tren A 225mg 1-8
Anadrol 50-100mg 1-3 (bad sides, switched to var)
Anavar 50-100mg 4-10

I’m 6’, 207 and about <15%bf. Like mentioned I’m on week 6 (technically I came off for two weeks because of a vacation, but I’m back on now) I’ve been in a large surplus and have been gaining decent amounts of weight but I dropped my cals from about 500-800 above maintenance to about 200 above maintenance and seem to be leaning out and gaining. I typically lean out before cycle than use gear to blow up lean however I started this cycle at about 12%bf. Should I continue in this fashion or up my calories again for maximum lean muscle gain?

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