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Help with Bulk, Getting a Gut


Hey what's up guys, need some advice on my bulking. Been at it about 4 months and I've made some great gains. I was fairly lean when I started so I'm loving the mass. It's been a clean bulk mostly, except for an occasional pizza night on a Friday night or so.

However, my gut is getting HUGE. I know a little fat gain was inevitable and i've never cared about abs so...it's just that my midsection/lower gut is getting really big and it's the only area where the fat gain is going while my muscles all over are looking thicker (my goal). So is this anything i should worry about?

Will I be able to drop my gut size when I get to my desired weight? Like I said, it's the only area where the fat gain is going and it's starting to make my pecs look non-existant.

Advice is appreciated, thanks.


Post pics and stats. More times than not, these posts come from some kid who is experiencing being full for the first time and seems astonished that humans have stomachs that stick out when there is shit in them.


HAHA. I hear that. I put down about 1 liter of liquid surrounding my workout and my gut usually looks huge after.


How interesting that like 10 minutes after PX's response 2 people chime in to say the same exact thing as he did. No knock, X.

Personally, I think I look better when I'm full and my stomach is kind of sticking out (which is most of the time). I don't know why.


No, having a gut during a bulk is nothing to worry about:



Got some love handles myself right now. I use that as motivation in the gym to lift harder. For me the muscle gains are worth the fat gains.


haha! lol on Prof Xs post. Start adding in some cardio session to get the fat gain under control. cheers


He seems afraid of losing the veins on his lower abs, or he went from 28" to 29" pants.