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Help with Briefs


I was wondering if any one could give me any advice on how to go about learning the groove in Metal Ace briefs? My best raw squat is 425. Was thinking about multiple sets with 225 till I feel comfortable. Probably off a box a little above parallel. They are used so should be a little broke in already. I would greatly appreciate any help.


i'm guessing they are just like the ace suit. take a wide stance, really push your knees out and sit back. make sure they are seated all the way otherwise they will shoot your knees forward, and if you don't keep your knees out, they will shoot you forward. and really sit back into the briefs.

and even though they are used i'm sure they will still give great support so you may want to rethink the 225 and the just above parallel box. i would start with a high box at first then if you want you can move down, its just if you try to go down to far to soon and don't sit back far enough you'll just shoot forward. it will take a few times in gear to get use to the form change so give it a lil time.


Fuck the light weight and don't use a box. Keep working them with heavy sets until you are comfortable. You need to learn the technique first and foremost. Make sure they are seated all the way up on you. Even if you think they are have your spotter and/or training partner help you pull them up again.

The briefs are really strong, you need to sit back HARD and keep upright, you also need to stay real tight and open your groin up. Hopefully you have a training partner that knows gear, if not get some videos up on here and I an some others will help you.

Do lots of volume in them with around 400 or so. if its too heavy and your form isn't 100% drop the weight.


Makes sense. I squat pretty wide but I will probably need to go wider for the gear. I have to say I haven't been this excited about lifting in a while.


I cut this one high and knees tried to drift in a little bit. I don't have training partners so training in gear is going to be difficult.


Sorry new to posting vids on this site.


Things I see:
1. Bring your grip in, you look unstable as hell
2. Your shrugging with the weight on your back, you need to pull your back tight and create a shelf with your rhomboids and rear delts instead of traps
3. Your first movement is to sit down and your knees come forward, your hips need to be going back the entire time, your lower leg shouldn't move forward at all ideally.
4. As you descend your knees are coming in
5. (3 and 4) your hips are weak and the gear is owning you. I would try and get the briefs seated better, they may not be up all the way. Work on hip adductor and abductor work
6. Might try an even wider stance, I wold say your stand is pretty narrow to be honest, briefs like those give better carryover with a wider stance.

Hope this helps.


Holy shit those look like they need to go up a TON they should not be that low, your knees should not drift in (sign theyre not on) and your struggling way too much.

My suggestion to you for putting them on:

1 roll the top of the briefs down 2 small rolls, it should create about a 2" lip on the brief

2 start getting them on and try to get them over your ass yourself.

3 Get to the power rack, and put the lip of the breif on the J hook-You will need to take a bar off a rack to do this, if you dont have a rack with a j-hook, let me know i can tell you another way. start with the back then front then sides and repeat till its really up, it shouldnt look like you have a load of shit in your pants

4after theyre up most of the way, un roll the briefs and wrap the up around the bar in a smith machine(let me know if you have one or not) and do the same thing

To help get them on, wiggle, shake, and "swim" your legs in the briefs to get them on. Also, look for some suit sliders, they will be your best friend. look here for them:



is that wearing the briefs? if so just to add with things said, you may need to find a new place to squat, the bottom bars on the rack are going to limit how wide you can go, you need to go quite a bit wider and toe out more, and continuously push out your knees. and like what was said before sit back, sit way back. as far as the grip thing, it just depends on your flexibility, if you can i would go in because you are bent over way to far for that light of weight.

and i would def train with a box, it will help keep your depth consistant and you will know where you are at, also it ads a slight amount of safety with gear, if you get stuck you can sit on it lol. i think you are stable enough, it just looks like you haven't had much overload work so that weight still feels heavy. you can't try to squat like you do raw with this type of gear, you have to fit your form to the gear so it takes a little getting use to. it might help to watch other people in ace gear squat, you can go to elitefts.com and go to training logs and watch some vids of those guys with ace gear, it will give you an idea of how wide and toed out they are along with their technique of sitting back.


Sorry guys this is raw. Those are just gym shorts you are seeing. That was the first time I ever squatted that heavy. I can't get any more narrow with the grip. Everytime I try I hurt something and can't squat for a couple of weeks. If the rack wasn't in the way I could get a little better hold. Next time I will get the vid from more of the side so depth and how far back I am is more evident.

Here is raw 315.


I'll chime in here..I own a Metal Ace Suit (and Metal Pro Briefs) so I know exactly what you need to do. This is basically what I was going to say..but would add a few things.

Not sure what you got going on with getting hurt when you go narrower but you are hunched over big time with that grip you have. It's making you lean forward to keep the bar on your back, which is making your squat harder. You need to keep your chest up and look ahead and up a bit. In the second video it appears that you aare looking down. The body goes where the head leads it...
I grip the bar with my pointer finger on the rings and I use a pinkyless grip (only 3 fingers are holding the bar). The pinkyless grip makes it feel much nicer for some reason. This will make your whole back tight and make the weight easier. Somehow you have to make this happen if at all possible and get your elbows under the bar.

Yes..and it's impossible to get "big air" with that weight on your back and trying to breathe into the chest- hence the 'shrugging'. You should breathe in to the gut and then push that gut into the belt. This makes a stable core to push big weights

This is especially true when wearing the ace suit..The ACE suit/briefs are kind of like canvas in that they will stop you dead in the hole, only unlike canvas the ACE has 'pop', at least the suit does because of the straps. I don't notice the pop near as much when I have the straps down to be honest but it does stop you at a certain height depending on how tight they are. Anyways.. the ACE stuff works best with a wide stance. Your toes should touch the bottom bars of that rack in the first video. And then sit back and down. Try a wall squat..

this will get you the right form.

lastly look at where your belt is positioned in the videos. They are worn very low. You'll get WAY better support if you place it higher on the torso. IE just under the ribs.


Great advice and I'll be implementing these pointers as well as I can. I'll post another vid after I have a chance to work on this some. Thanks for all the help.