Help With Boxing

Finaly I’ve started boxing. It’s great, the coach is an ex pro boxer so everything is going great.

But I was just wondering, as I’m not really that quick in my feet as if you can give me some useful exercises to help me get better in that area (basicaly i’m to stiff and and moving enough…like i have these heavy legs, if you understand me).


try to relax and breathe.

Skip on 1 leg 4x, then swap & do the other leg 4x, then 3x each, then 2x, then 1x then back until you can mix it up without thinking - this is called the boxers shuffle

also, relax your face & the rest of your body will follow…

Work on skipping rope. I sucked at it when I firts started, but getting to where I am has made me much lighter on my feet. It helps get you used to being on your toes and light, until you are ready to set and power one in. Good for conditioning, too.

Your trainer should be able to help you with that(surprised he didn’t mention it to you, unless you didn’t ask him), or you can find some DVDs at dedicated to good rope skills. Your trainer should be able to help you with pretty much any questions you have regarding boxing, unless he is a gifted natural athlete who didn’t have to learn any of it. You are paying for the lessons, ask the questions.

jumping rope will improve your endurance and ability to shift your weight and shit

but nothing improves your boxing footwork like actually boxing. So shadow box, practice moving around.

get a video of someone good (like pretty boy floyd has youtube videos floating around) shadow boxing… then video tape yourself shadow boxing.

critique it against the pro’s so you know what you are doing wrong and right.

rinse repeat.

i say do a round of jumprope, then shadow box a round… do that for about 30min (so roughly 10 alternating rounds of 3min each).

you only need to tape/watch the first round and the last one.

Jump rope, spar, and do duck under drills. Also move around when working the heavy bag you be shocked to see how people just stay in the same spot the whole time working a bag. O and finally do some more sparring getting punched in the head will make you smart about when and where to move.

Overall don’t sweat it, if your putting time in, it will come to you and by the sound of it you have a good coach so your already in good shape. Best of luck.